Video Transcript for Jane Percy tells you about her Brain State Technologies Center

Jane Percy tells you about her Brain State Technologies Center

November 9, 2011

Listen in as Jane Percy tells you about her time with Brain State and the success she has found with this wonderful opportunity. Find out more about BrainState opportunity at

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Video Transcript:

Jane Percy: Hello and welcome. I’m Jane Percy, the Director of Riverlight Brain Training Center in Stonington, Connecticut. And I’m happy to talk to you a little bit today about my experience in becoming an Affiliate, and what it’s like to actually be working with people everyday in our Brain Training Center. I chose Brain State Technologies as an adjunct to the work that I do here in Stonington as a Certified Medical Hypnotherapist and a teacher and a writer because it was the logical mix step. I’m a sound healer, and I use sound in the work that I do to help people lead a healthier and more productive lives. And Brain State Technology is a superb form of sound healing, and its way more than that. I met Lee Gerdes in the fall of 2008 and I was excited about what he had to share with our community about the benefits of brain training. And then I went to Arizona not long after that until an intensive, and I’ll tell you a little bit about that in a few minutes, and then made the decision to spend a month in Scottsdale doing the training for becoming an affiliate, a very, very rewarding experience. I want to tell you a little bit about what my brain training experience was like and how it benefited me. One of the first things I noticed after I did the intensive of 10 sessions was that I had more stamina and that I could put in a longer day and has more energy and just felt greater sense of vitality and wellbeing, and that was delightful. I also found that my eyesight improved, and that I was better at making decisions, I had a tendency to look at all signs of the situation and kind of go back and forth, and so and that we would say that’s a midline issues. And it was wonderful to get that balanced and cleared, so I’m able to make decisions very, very quickly, very comfortably without the sort of pattern or second guessing or reviewing my decision making. So wonderful thing about brain training that’s enhanced our whole family experience is how it’s benefited young and old. My father who just had his 90th birthday had a very serious stroke over 30 years ago and it required surgery, a very devastating to the left portion of his brain. He was left with reading difficulties, with some mobility issues, with a very profound tremor, and even though he was well passed and he have the physical therapy that was part of his recovery program, when he did a few brain training sessions he was one of our first clients. The tremor that had affected his tennis game, his ability to sign his name, his ability to paint our horizon, he’s an artist and a teacher, all cleared up, and he was thrilled to be at the end of his eighth decade living into his ninth decade, free of his very, very disconcerting at times hand tremor, but that was one of the great benefits. And I was delighted from one of his tennis partners who is considerably younger whispered in my ear that he wish that we wouldn’t do anymore brain training because he was also winning more games. So I’m happy to share that with you, also my sons have enjoyed brain training both for enhancing energy and wellbeing and so we – this is very much a family experience that our family has benefited from this. It might be helpful to you to learn a little bit about how things work here and how we have built our brain training business. I am going to be very honest and tell you because I’ve had a long standing practice in this community and was well respected by those physicians and therapists and other practitioners through my teaching and my ongoing work. And also, had the phenomenal support of our first trade public relations and marketing expert who was part of our team and is now by the way my right hand in brain training colleague, her name is Jon Foley. We’ve been very, very well positioned in our community to introduce brain training. So, lots of credibility, lots of trust and a well established community of people who come to utilize center when they are in need of assistance and when they want to feel better and function with greater ease. So, that is full difference perhaps for us to maybe for someone who’s changing their career completely or moving into a new field. One other thing that helped us tremendously is that, there are number physicians who know the work here, who know me, and number of people in local hospital communities that I have tied in. And so, perhaps what I have to say about marketing is going to be a little different than it might be for someone else, but it’s been – it made things perhaps a little bit easier. We’ve not actually focused our efforts on marketing because we have a built in market, a lot of a people who come from or else who come to take classes have been excited about and more even waiting for the brain training opportunity to come. But I do want to tell you some of the marketing things that helped me and helped River Light. And one of them was, when I began to be very, very interested in the brain before I became an affiliate, this has been an ongoing area of interested Cathy, I’ve been a therapist and not going to interested in how the brain works. Began writing articles for some of our local publications and I must say that, that was probably the best marketing choice I’ve ever made because a lot of good things happened and about. And I think radio broadcasts are also very, very beneficial. So, if you like to bring that kind of thing I encourage you to do that. I have a blog and blog on our Riverlight Wellness Center website, that talks about brain health is called Food For Thought and so I encourage you to find an area of interest and that relates to your brain training work and to expand that and share what you have should to teach with others. Our Chamber of Commerce is terrific, we hosted a breakfast, serve some wonderful yummy buffets and some coffee and they were probably 6 or 8 people who signed up for mapping and the intensive brain training sessions. There is one more thing I want to share with you that seems to work very well. We host some sort of event here almost every month. And we invite people to come to learn about what we are doing, what brain training is like and we serve a little good food, we do a brief lecture demonstration where we invite somebody to get in the chair and do a relaxing 10 minute brain training exert. And people look observe that they get to see that it’s a very relaxed, very pleasant experience and is a wonderful way of helping. Your community really understands what it is that you are doing and of course if you have few people who have wonderful experiences, life-changing experiences training with you have them come and talk about their experience. I want to mention just a little bit about the business side and also to tell you more about the wonderful team in Scottsdale. We completed – I completed my training in late January of 2009 and the first week of February, I was able to receive help from family and friends, get new Brain Training Center up and running and by the second week in February, we were busy and we have been busy during the week nights and weekends ever since. So our calendar has been very, very full from the very beginning and I’m very grateful for that; that’s been very, very rewarding. So many thanks to all those who helped us with that. The other thing I would like to share with you is, that the training itself, if you are thinking of becoming an affiliate, the training is thorough, it’s intense, it’s very, very, first rate. I was exciting to be a part of learning this technology and it’s – everyday as learning from me of deepening my understanding of the capability of Brain State Technology. So, you are always a student, it is ongoing and your clients teach you amazing things, the people whose brains you assessed and becoming more balanced and more harmonized. The other thing I want to mention is that the support team in Scottsdale is first rate. Whether it’s a technical question that you have, any difficulty that you may be having with your equipments, there is always Sunday, on the other end of the fun, he’s cheerful and remarkably calm even though you may not be who walks you through whatever needs to be understood. So that you are back in functioning and feeling professionally capable very, very quickly. So my hats-off to the wonderful technical support team lead by Peter Curtis, who is fabulous and Ron who is so patient and deals with all of my computer foibles with great calm. So I can’t say enough about the support team, also Alexia and Lee wonderful, wonderful people who will answer your questions, who guide you and who really do care about your success and your growth within this remarkable family. So in summary, I would like to tell you that, I find that the quality of the Brain State Technology, computer system, the real time management of this data, the feedback that we receive, the way all the furniture comes together and works beautifully, that all of that is first-rate, but far more important, is to tell you how extraordinary this technology is in the lives of the people in our community, who have come for assistance with chronic and acute pain, with depression, with post-dramatic stress disorder, whether it’s a young patron who’s recently back from Afghanistan or someone who is recovering from a grief and loss and we are very, very grateful to have the opportunity to work with so many people already and we look forward to see when we can go with this remarkable technology and how we can make it most useful to those who come to see this in Stonington.

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