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What Does A Prime Franchise Opportunity Look Like?

When seeking a great franchise opportunity, there are a number of signs that are indicative of worthy investments, as well as critical red flags to avoid. Since franchises require ample startup costs, it's important to ensure you are getting the best deal possible. Fortunately, with a keen eye for...Read More

By Stephan Baldwin | Posted May 21, 2015

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5 Characteristics of a Worthwhile Retail Franchise

When purchasing a retail franchise, there are key aspects to identify that will enable you land the best deal possible. With the innumerable business models available to you, it can be overwhelming to choose the franchise best suited to your goals and objectives. By examining specific...

By | Posted May 21, 2015

From Red to Black: How To Get To Profit Faster

For emerging entrepreneurs, franchises offer a practical avenue to business ownership that is both easier and more affordable than starting a new company. When operating a franchise, maximizing your ROI is imperative for continued growth and higher profit margins. In order to get the most out of...

By | Posted May 21, 2015

7 Traits of Franchises That Appeal to Millennials

More and more millennials are turning to franchises as a way to successfully launch their first business venture. Franchises provide first-time entrepreneurs an easier, more cost-effective, and lower risk investment than new business models, providing fresh college grads an excellent avenue for...

By | Posted May 21, 2015

Customer Service: Help Your Business Stand Out from the Competition!

Customer service is an interesting thing. Everybody talks about it. Many companies claim that their level of customer service is unsurpassed. What does that really mean? And what IS good customer service?Jim "Mr. Energy" Smith, Jr. talks about exemplary customer service...

By | Posted May 21, 2015

5 Franchising Mistakes I Made (So You Can Avoid Them)

Buying a franchise is a big deal. Bigger, in many ways, than starting a business from scratch. And while there's a lot of advice out there about starting a business from scratch, fewer experts tell you how to successfully buy and run a franchise. If they did, my story might be different.Several...

Posted May 21, 2015

6 Characteristics of a Franchise with Growth Potential

Many first-time entrepreneurs invest in franchises because they entail lower risks, are more affordable, and are easier to operate than starting a brand new company. When choosing a franchise, you need to analyze the franchise growth potential to ensure that you're investing in a business that will...

By | Posted May 21, 2015

Are Low-Cost Franchises Really a Good Deal?

Low-cost franchises provide a practical option for entrepreneurs that are interested in launching a successful business venture with ease. They pose a significantly lower risk than larger franchises due to requiring a lower initial investment and fewer operational duties. Smaller franchises are...

By | Posted May 21, 2015

Top Reasons to Consider Restaurant Franchise Opportunities

When people think of franchises, chances are that restaurants may be the first thing to come to mind. The success of brands like Subway has made the restaurant franchise an attractive investment for those seeking success in the food industry.But are restaurant franchises really a good way to make...

By | Posted May 21, 2015

5 Points About Franchising for Veterans, by a Veteran

What Former Military Members and Spouses Should Know When Buying a Franchise Is a franchise right for a veteran or a military spouse? You bet! Was it right for me? Well, no, it wasn't, but not because franchise ownership is a bad idea. Rather, it was because there were things I failed to think...

By | Posted November 10, 2014

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