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12 Reasons You Probably Should be an Entrepreneur

In a recent online article authored by Scott Dinsmore titled: Full Disclosure: 12 Reasons You Probably Shouldn't Be An Entrepreneur (The story no one tells), Mr. Dinsmore, an accomplished entrepreneur, eloquently catalogs the pitfalls often associated with building a small business.  As I...Read More

By Rick Bisio | Posted September 10, 2014

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NLRB: McDonald' Should be Held Liable for Unfair Labor Practices of Franchisees

The National Labor Relations Board released a major decision on July 29th, one that could have far reaching ramifications throughout the franchising world. Specifically, the NLRB has decided that the corporation of McDonald's should be considered a joint employer with its franchisees, and held...

By | Posted July 31, 2014

Olympic Dreams

There certainly is a lot of buildup to the Olympics each time they roll around, but it certainly is worth it the Olympics never disappoint. There is still a purity to the games that is lost in many of the professional sports. If you're like me, you might find yourself thinking what could have...

By | Posted February 14, 2014

Adult Christmas - Don't forget yourself!

I recently saw a study that said 79% of Americans were either unhappy or apathetic about their current career.  That is simply a shocking and sad figure.  To think we spend 40+ hours a week doing something we don't really like or possibly truly dislike.  Consider the next time you go...

By | Posted December 23, 2013

Apple's Operating System... For FREE!?

Awesome news coming out of Apple yesterday regarding pricing for desktop operating systems: Amid a slew of incremental improvements to its iPad tablets and MacBook laptops, Apple today announced some landmark news about its oldest surviving operating system: It will not charge for the latest big...

By | Posted October 23, 2013

Increase Your Bone Density and Physical Strength with OsteoStrong

At the ripe old age of 30, most of people begin to feel the little aches and pains associated with aging which are often caused by the gradual effects of muscle and bone atrophy. A steady decline in physic, balance, bone strength, and muscle mass continues on year after year as people age. Gym...

By Ben Baggett | Posted October 10, 2013

Work at Work, Says HP’s Meg Whitman

The debate rages on. Imagine two employee scenarios. In the first, a guy gets up at 6:30. Showered and shaved, he gets all up in his professional outfit and faces rush hour. Forty-five minutes later, our man pulls into a spot and rushes to get to his desk. Scenario number two: Joe Q. Public...

By | Posted October 10, 2013

The New Lost (Money) Generation

That whole 18 to 65 thing? Forget about it. It’s pretty clear, just anecdotally, that the culture of work has changed dramatically in the past generation. A report out of Georgetown University confirms what we are seeing in the workplace and the larger culture in general. The lifespan of the...

By | Posted October 08, 2013

Workin' It: The Reason for the Season

Get up on this situation, and fast. If you are any kind of retailer, and that means new style, as in ecommerce or old style, as in brick and mortar, you should be doing your seasonal hiring today, right now, this minute. Amazon just announced it is bringing on 70,000 full time workers across the...

By | Posted October 04, 2013

Why It's a Great Time to Start a Business

The recession is so ten minutes ago. It’s time to ride the uptick. Across the board, spending is up, hiring is up, and the Consumer Price Index is on the rise. For the first time since May, the CBIZ Small Business Employment Index is in positive territory, reporting a hiring increase for the...

By | Posted September 18, 2013

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