How to Optimize Productivity In The Workplace

By Yaware

Posted: September 23rd, 2015

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Expert Interview Series: Inna Drayuk of Yaware on Optimizing Productivity At Work

Want to increase your own productivity and speed up the pace at which you can work well? Inna Drayuk, the innovative marketing manager of Yaware, was kind enough to share why she thinks her company's software does just that. She also shares her insights on what taught her to never give up and why optimal productivity is so crucial for any kind of business.

What is your professional background? How has it served you in your position with Yaware?

My career started in Poland. I worked there at IBM and later at Motorola. Both companies have a long history and use modern tools for fostering better work performance. So it was clear that proper software can help to increase productivity and speed up workflow. Those are actually the key areas of Yaware activity. 

Who should be visiting the Yaware website and why? What can they expect to find there?

Yaware offers a wide range of products to measure and increase productivity, such as Yaware.TimeTracker, Yaware.Video, Yaware.Mobile, etc. These kinds of software can be useful for managers, business owners and individuals. They can read Yaware's blog and find out more about productivity apps, managing time, scheduling, etc. 

The Yaware website indicates that the company is passionate about productivity. How crucial is optimal productivity to the success of a business?

The Yaware company has developed a series of products that help to measure and increase productivity.

Its first product, Yaware.TimeTracker, records the time spent on different apps and websites. There are 15,000 resources in its database, and all of them are divided into three groups: productive, neutral and unproductive (depending on their relevance to work). The software allows employers to see whether the employee is using his/her time productively or if he/she is overwhelmed or underutilized. Hence, Yaware.TimeTracker helps to maintainoptimal productivity through workload optimization.

And optimal productivity is really crucial for any kind of business fot at least two reasons:

  • Overwhelmed employees can burn out very quickly.
  • Underloaded employees can be bored at work and are not able to self-actualize.
We all know that the success of each company depends on its employees whot are working in it. So, why not let them work without unnecessary pressure or boredom? 

What do you think most people need to learn about productivity? 

People should take into account that being busy does not mean being productive. It is difficult to be on the same productivity level during the whole day. You can take a look at your day and see when you are more productive and when you need time to relax, and then plan the day accordingly. It is even good to schedule time for nothing for at least one hour a week. 

If someone is trying to get started on increasing the productivity within a business, what's the first step they should take?

If someone is searching for the ways to make a company into a thriving business where everyone is perfectly comfortable with their schedules, job responsibilities and pace of work, employee time tracking could be a good point to start. But please keep in mind the importance of explaining to your team that this software is implemented not to control them, but to help to see where the time goes. 

What have you learned from Yaware's success?

Yaware taught me not to give up and always seek ways to grow personally and professionally. It is like the internal principle of the company: to look for ways to improve and implement them. 

Is there anything else you'd like to share with our readers?

Don't be afraid of change, either in your personal or professional life. Try new things, explore new methods, and stay productive!

About the author:

Inna Drayuk is the innovative marketing manager of Yaware
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