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Financing Options for Franchise Owners

There are quite a few different types of financing options for owners of franchised businesses. Just as a solid business plan is necessary, so is a sound financial strategy. Explore the different financing options available, shop around for the best terms and interest rates and do not be...Read More

By Sara Mackey | Posted December 01, 2011

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Business Plan - A Blueprint For Your Business

A business plan is a written document that is broken down into several different sections that set the procedures for operating your business and enabling you and your lender to understand and plan for the needs of your business. Think of the document as telling your story and answering the...

By | Posted September 13, 2011

Legal Questions to Ask When Purchasing a Franchise

When considering the purchase of a franchise, it is important for prospective franchisees to understand the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) provided by the franchisor. The disclosure document provides all relevant information about the company including a history and overview of employees, as...

By | Posted January 04, 2010

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