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Tips to Maximize Your Franchise Opportunity

So, you’ve decided to buy a franchise. There are a variety of good reasons for investing in a franchise, but the most compelling is the possibility of financial success. However, while owning a franchise can give you a tested business model with brand awareness, it doesn’t always...Read More

By Eric Bell | Posted November 22, 2016

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Think Bigger: Area Developer and Master Franchisors

The single-unit “mom-and-pop” arrangement may be what most people think of when they think about franchise ownership. Simple franchisor/franchisee operators dominated the franchise universe well into the late 1990s and, for many, that model remains just fine. But there are other ownership...

By Suzanne Musial | Posted November 15, 2016

Buying Young: Why Franchising is Great for Millennials

Owning a franchise in your 20s. Who’s in? When someone says “franchisee,” the image that comes to mind is usually a middle-aged man or woman and not a recent college grad just entering the workforce. However, several factors have begun turning that perception on its ear – one of the most...

By | Posted November 09, 2016

The Best Cheap and Low Cost Franchises

Many would-be business owners think opening a franchise is out of their reach because it seems most opportunities require tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars for an initial investment. But there are actually several opportunities starting at $20,000 or less that are great options for those...

By Suzanne Musial | Posted October 31, 2016

8 Top Franchise Opportunities For Women

Franchising has become an increasingly popular way for women to realize their dreams of business ownership. Many franchisors recognize that women possess many of the necessary traits and skills to run a successful franchise business, and the number of female franchise owners has nearly...

By Suzanne Musial | Posted October 25, 2016

Top 8 Books to Read for Franchising

An important step to becoming a franchisee is to invest quality time into researching the industry and all of the laws that affect it. Below is our list of the top 8 books to read if you’re thinking about buying a franchise. Whether you have some knowledge of the franchise industry or none...

By Suzanne Musial | Posted October 19, 2016

How to Start Your Search for a Franchise Business

There is no question that there are clear guidelines to consider when shopping for a franchise opportunity. There are personal guidelines for you to consider on your end, and there are also certain elements you are looking for in the franchisor. Your own personal checklist might look...

By Suzanne Musial | Posted October 11, 2016

Top 10 Traits of Successful Franchisees

Becoming a franchisee is not for everyone, but franchisees who find success have many characteristics in common that help them along the way. Think you have what it takes to be successful in franchising? Here are the top 10 traits that successful franchise owners possess: 1. Leader /...

By Suzanne Musial | Posted August 22, 2016

5 Fastest Growing Franchise Industries

One area of the economy that continues to thrive is the franchising industry. According to the International Franchise Association’s 2016 Franchise Business Economic Outlook, the industry is predicted to grow at faster a rate than other types of businesses this year, including a 1.7%...

By Suzanne Musial | Posted July 27, 2016

The Importance of the FDD

If you're new to the world of franchising, you probably have a million questions about everything from costs and training and support, to hiring employees and securing equipment for your new business. One of the most important sources of information for prospective franchisees is the Franchise...

By Suzanne Musial | Posted July 20, 2016