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6 Warning Signs of a Struggling Franchise

There are some definite advantages to buying a franchise with an existing, established unit rather than starting a brand new unit from scratch. Existing units have a customer base in place and have already done much of the work involved in starting up a new unit. Stepping in to take over existing...Read More

By Stephan Baldwin | Posted August 05, 2015

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5 Simple Ways to Evaluate a Franchise

Trying to figure out whether a franchise is a good opportunity can be complicated and difficult. It's easy to get bogged down in details like the financials of the parent company, comparisons with other franchises or locations, or the minutiae of many franchise contracts. All of this is important...

By | Posted August 05, 2015

5 Reasons to Get Into Franchising Today

You've been going back and forth for a while now about whether to invest in a franchise. You've weighed the pros and cons, researched opportunities, and gotten all kinds of opinions, from "are you crazy?" to "you'd be crazy not to." As decision time looms, you may be feeling...

By | Posted August 05, 2015

Limit Your Time and Resources to Truly Master Your Universe

For some, punching a clock and working for the ‘man’ for an entire career is not as rewarding as working for yourself and building something of value with legacy potential. The challenge confronted by many business owners is to establish limits on not just their resources, but on their time as...

By | Posted June 24, 2015

What's in a Business Name?

Owning a business is an admirable dream that can not only make money, but also build a legacy to leave behind, or make a mark in the world. But owning a business takes a lot more than just a vision of a great product or service; it takes a lot of hard work, and a little luck. Would-be business...

Posted May 21, 2015

Be Your Own Boss, But Include a Safety Net

Being your own boss is a goal that seems attractive to many people. Some reasons for wanting to be your own boss may include frustration with inept business practices at your workplace, wanting a more flexible schedule, or wanting to increase your income. There are many risks inherent in...

By | Posted May 07, 2015

Why the Franchise Business Model is Unstoppable

A company's business model encompasses the way it is structured and the way or ways that it brings in income, as well as the sources of that income, amount of income generated, and frequency of that generation. The business model will be different depending on what kind of goods or services a...

By | Posted May 05, 2015

Top 10 Funding Sources For Your Franchise Venture

UPDATED 1-28-2020: Many people dream of owning a business at one time or another but determining what products or services to offer can be difficult. Franchise businesses are an excellent option as these business ventures are already branded so that most customers are already familiar with the...

By | Posted March 29, 2015

Fixed vs. Percent: Understanding Franchise Royalty Fees

If you’re reading this article, chances are that you’ve been researching Franchises. By now, you should be familiar with a Franchise Disclosure Document or FDD. This is one of the most important documents detailing many of the costs associated with a particular franchise. This article...

By | Posted October 28, 2014

Think Unique: Stay Away from the Herd Mentality When Choosing your Franchise

There are thousands of franchises on the market in just about every industry you can think of, at a wide range of price points. Besides the standard focus on something that personally interests you and is in the price range you are seeking, it is important to keep in mind the industry competition....

By | Posted October 01, 2014