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Think Unique: Stay Away from the Herd Mentality When Choosing your Franchise

There are thousands of franchises on the market in just about every industry you can think of, at a wide range of price points. Besides the standard focus on something that personally interests you and is in the price range you are seeking, it is important to keep in mind the industry competition....Read More

By Ken Jennings | Posted October 01, 2014

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How Long Will It Take Before Making a Profit?

Determining time to profitability for a franchise opportunity From the time you sign the franchise agreement to the time you can reasonably expect to make a profit varies greatly from franchise to franchise.  Due to the fact that franchising exists in approximately 75 different and distinct...

By | Posted July 02, 2014

Save Two Hours Every Day & Get More Done

If you're like most entrepreneurs, you're on 24/7. Your inbox is overflowing, you've got fires to put out, and you're too crunched for time to even think about getting organized. Could you use an extra two hours a day? Absolutely! Some experts estimate that we lose as much as two hours a day...

By | Posted June 19, 2014

A Few Tips to Chew On Before Investing in a Fast Food Franchise

Food franchises are popular, but are they a good fit? The most popular franchise to invest in is fast food, according to Food franchises dominate the Franchise 500®, making up half of the top 10 and more than a quarter of all ranked companies. Additionally, food franchises...

By | Posted June 05, 2014

Franchise Discovery Day: Who Should Pay The Costs?

A common question asked by prospective franchisees is who should pay the cost of attending the Franchise Discovery Day?  Should the prospective franchisee pay for their own costs or should the franchisor cover the prospective franchisees costs? In the world of franchising, there is no...

By | Posted June 04, 2014

Approach the Franchising Business like Dating

A key element that most people don’t often consider when choosing to invest in a franchise is whether or not the particular franchise fits within their personality type. The first thing that potential franchisees typically evaluate when reviewing franchises are the hard stats such as the...

By | Posted April 21, 2014

The Entrepreneurial Spirit: Embracing Change and Starting New is Easy as 1, 2, 3

Looking for a new career or business opportunity? Many Americans are beginning to do so as they grow increasingly tired and fed-up with the stress of an unfulfilling job in a tough economic market. Taking the first step in changing your life if never easy, but the more you know the more prepared...

By Ben Baggett | Posted March 11, 2014

Three Important Questions to Ask Before Buying a Franchise

From finances to legal documentation, there's a lot that goes into the preliminary stages of buying a franchise. When you make the decision to become a franchisee, you're opening yourself up to leadership, to innovation, and to the optimistic pursuit of financial success. But going hand in...

By | Posted January 23, 2014

Franchise Business Costs Explained

So you’re ready to start a business and you've decided on buying a franchise. Browsing through franchisers on the Franchise Gator site, you’ll notice that we include a liquid capital requirement, along with a minimum investment and total investment. Each of these numbers can be...

By Ben Baggett | Posted January 06, 2014

Starting Your Own vs. Building A Business

What Option is Right For You? People with an entrepreneurial passion are always looking for new business opportunities. Persistent commitment to financial growth in comes with many different, often difficult, decisions. One such decision many entrepreneurs face is deciding whether to start a...

By Ben Baggett | Posted August 26, 2013

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