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What Are The Most Profitable Franchises To Invest In

One of the most commonly Googled questions about franchises is which franchise is the most profitable to own. It’s not a surprising question. Most franchisees, ideally, want to invest in a franchise that earns a pretty consistent profit. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has shown that even...Read More

By Deborah Sweeney | Posted February 10, 2021

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Lessons Learned from a Challenging 2020

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic staggered our entire nation in 2020 and dealt a blow to businesses across the country.  Through my experience as a franchise coach, however, I was able to witness firsthand some powerful examples of franchises quickly pivoting and adapting their business...

By | Posted January 13, 2021

What Positions Franchises for Success Post-Pandemic?

In August 2020, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce revealed a list of eight franchises experiencing a successful boom amid the coronavirus pandemic. Of these eight franchises, three are fast food establishments including Domino’s, Popeyes, and Wingstop. The remaining five franchises include 7-Eleven,...

Posted October 19, 2020

12 Lessons While Nearing the End of the Road

There comes a point in life where there is no tomorrow, only yesterdays.  A time where we remember the past knowing our future is limited.  It can be a time of deep reflection, and that is the case with my friend, Bill Shearon. I met Bill about 15 years ago during my work with the City...

By | Posted August 11, 2020

Covid-Proof Franchise Companies You May Want to Consider

Some Businesses Are Thriving In Spite Of The Economic Downturn At Franchise Gator, we have heard from many of our customers regarding how their business was impacted due to the coronavirus pandemic. The struggles many franchise businesses faced has forced them to shift their focus from finding new...

By | Posted June 25, 2020

Recession Proof Businesses During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Most people would agree that there are winners and losers in every economy. The trouble is figuring out what businesses or industries will thrive in a down economy. If you’d been considering investing recently, or are considering it now, this matter is more pressing than ever. But how do you...

By | Posted June 09, 2020

5 Reasons Why Now is the Right Time to Consider Franchise Ownership

Over the last several months, we have seen daily updates on the number of diagnosed cases and deaths from COVID-19.  We also hear about the impact the pandemic has made on the nation’s business sector, as more than 36 million people have filed unemployment claims since mid-March, which...

By | Posted May 26, 2020

Opening a Franchise? 3 Common Financing Fears and How to Face Them

In many cases, a tried-and-true business model with built-in brand recognition can make it easier for your franchise to qualify for a loan. Especially if you’ve been in business for a few years or you already own a few franchises. But finding a loan for this unique business model can pose some...

Posted March 23, 2020

How Will Coronavirus Affect Your Franchise Search?

The Covid-19 pandemic has created a level of uncertainty, stress, and confusion unlike anything we have seen in our lifetime.  In large portions of the U.S., schools are shut down indefinitely, businesses are asking employees to work from home, and retail outlets are bracing for what could be...

By | Posted March 16, 2020

Veterans Day Celebration: Vets Continue To Be Strong Fit For Franchising

Each year on Veterans Day, we take time to thank all the brave men and women who have served and protected the United States through their service in the military.  It is a well-deserved recognition for those who fought for the freedoms we enjoy in this country every day. Veterans Day is also...

By | Posted November 11, 2019

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