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No Franchise Fee Required. The Company will pay you a Minimum of $180,000 or more before you open your Distributorship Office!

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What Does The Eagle Companies Distributorship Cost?

To buy a distributorship with The Eagle Companies, you'll need to have at least $30,000 in liquid capital. Distributors can expect to make a total investment of at least $100,000. They also offer financing. *

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Financial requirements for this distributorship:
Liquid Capital:$30,000
What does Liquid Capital mean?
Total Investment:$100,000
What does Total Investment mean?


Options available to Distributors:
Training:In Distributorship Office and Marketing Area

Company Details

Facts about this Distributorship:
Total Units:300
Year Founded:2012

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No Franchise Fee Required

And We Give You “Much” More Than “Any” Franchise
Plus-Your Distributorship Marketing Agreement Guarantees That The Company Will Pay You A Minimum Of $180,000 Before You Pay For Your Distributorship Or Lease Your Office Keep Reading – Watch The $ $ $ Get Larger!

My Satellite Messenger is an electronic L.E.D. unit, designed for most types of vehicles, sending visual messages to other motorists directly behind you, and in the lanes on either side slightly behind you. Mounted inside near the rear window of a vehicle, or on the back door of a van or truck. This device helps drivers communicate when the need arises.

The My Satellite Messenger website will give you exciting information about an unlimited amount of amazing functions provided by My Satellite Messenger. Additionally, you will learn that My Satellite Messenger will have three memory banks with 50 channels each – total 150 channels, to display your choice of safety messages, roadside assistance messages, your personal messages along with messages advertising your business.

My Satellite Messenger is designed to be used on everything that has wheels driven on streets and highways, or floats on water. There will be five models to fit cars, SUVs, pickups, in town delivery trucks, 18-wheelers, motorcycles, travel trailers, motor homes, ski boats and yachts. It can be read up to five car lengths back. There are over 500 million vehicles in the U.S. that need My Satellite Messenger now. Our U.S. and International Patents and Trademarks will eliminate having any competition forever!!

These Are Some Of The Amazing Features And Uses Of My Satellite Messenger

  • Customizable advertising for your business scrolling across My Satellite Messenger continuously.
  • Helps reduce road rage and creates courteous drivers obeying traffic laws.
  • Remote controlled and voice activated, to meet all laws nationwide, to access messages.
  • The world’s fastest method for recovering a stolen vehicle while reducing the cost of your insurance.
  • 48 preprogrammed safety messages.
  • Roadside and emergency service messages.

What Business Opportunity Have You Reviewed, That Offers Any Of The Features Shown, We Offer You??

  • No Franchise Fee Required, to be the owner of the Best Business Opportunity Ever Offered, a Distributorship with only one product, and with zero competition, My Satellite Messenger!
  • They Give You An Exclusive Marketing Area. We give you an exclusive “Marketing Area” of approximately one million people No Franchise Fee Required!!
  • They Give You A Product Or Service and are trying to convince you that it is better than what many competitors have that you will be facing daily. We give you a “Product” that has zero competition because it cannot be duplicated – our United States and International patents guarantee that!!
  • They Give You A Marketing Plan. We give you a better “Marketing Plan” than any Company you will contact! Our Marketing plan will make you more $ $ $ before your “Marketing Team” calls on their first Retail Dealer or User than their marketing plan will make in the first year.

Watch The $ $ $ Get Larger!!

Franchise Gator read our ad - ready for their website - and said WOW!! The Company will have $180,000 or more to hand you!! That is correct!! The Company will pay each Distributor a guaranteed minimum of $180,000, we project $400,000 to $500,000 before you pay for your Distributorship or open your office. Keep reading – we said Watch The $ $ $ Get Larger. You ask - how? The Company also guarantees, in your Distributorship Marketing Agreement that you will make a minimum net profit of $1,000,000 the first twelve months your Distributorship is in operation. If you don't the Company will give you a Cashier's Check for the difference of what you actually made and $1,000,000!! There are 300 Distributorship marketing areas covering all Fifty States averaging approximately one million population or more. Only 100 Distributorships are being sold. Only 100 wise investors will own one of The Eagle Companies "Best Business Opportunity Ever Offered", a My Satellite Messenger Distributorship. The Eagle Companies are one of a kind – No Company in America can equal what we do for our Distributors and all of their employees - NONE!!

I know what you are wondering. “Why are only 100 of the 300 Distributorships being sold? Here is why! Mr. George is the Inventor of My Satellite Messenger and also the Founder, Chairman, President and “Hands On” C.E.O. of the Eagle Companies, wants to create Multi-Millionaires by having 100 Distributors, some with Partners – also being Multi-Millionaires. The Eagle Companies can transform a group of Not So Rich Entrepreneurs into Multi Millionaires Very Happy – in Less Than Two Years!! So, Mr. George will have two, of his many corporations, each purchase 100 Distributorships making a $3,000,000 cash investment – Total $6,000,000! Mr. George says, “you Investors select the First 100” – “I will take the Rest!! Jump on this money train and ride with me!!

Cost Of Distributorship

The Distributor’s $100,000 Investment Covers Everything:

  • All the money you need to pay, out of pocket, is only $30,000. – possibly only $10,000.
  • First, you sign a Distributorship Agreement.
  • Then, put $10,000 deposit with your Distributorship Agreement.
  • When you are approved, you pay the Company an additional $20,000 as agreed. If you don’t have the $20,000, Mr. George says, “I will show you an easy way to get it. If you can’t get it – no problem – one of my corporations will furnish you the $20,000 – no questions asked!!”
  • Next, pay the Company the final $55,000 on or before ten days after you receive your profit check from the Company to be a guaranteed minimum of $180,000, projected to be $400,000, $500,000 or more, for the My Satellite Messenger sales from the Company's Real Estate Website.

Note: The $68,000 of the $85,000 paid to the Company will be for a supply of My Satellite Messengers creating a giant $360,000 net profit, for the Distributorship, after commissions are paid to the Marketing Team, Wow!!

Here are easy to understand “Facts” – Not “Fiction”- showing you how I have arrived at the numbers of sales your Distributorship “Marketing Team” will make creating the Big $ $ $ your Distributorship will make and the amazing $ $ $ every member of your “Marketing Team” will earn, putting them in “First Place” in their $ $ $ compared to other sales people in your marketing area – probably Double!! Visit the detailed website and see for yourself – you will probably say my projections are low – I already know they are!!

Next, visit several other ads in this website or any other Franchise Website. Get ready for a professional High Pressure Sales Person giving you a lot of “Fiction” – not – showing you the Facts!! They will definitely not put any profit guarantee in their Marketing Agreement they want you to sign and hand them a Big $ $ $ Check for a Franchise Fee – for what? We give you much – much more, and “No Franchise Fee Required”!!

Don’t forget, our Distributorship Marketing Agreement guarantees you Big $ $ $! The Company will pay you a guaranteed minimum of $180,000, handed to you before you pay for your Distributorship or lease your office/warehouse. Plus, the Company guarantees that your Distributorship will make a minimum net profit of $1,000,000 the first twelve months your Distributorship is in operation. If you don’t make $1,000,000, the Company will give you a Cashier’s Check for the difference of the net profit you actually made and $1,000,000.

They Won’t Even Guarantee You, In Their Marketing Agreement, That You Will Recover Your Franchise Fee And The Cost To Start Your Business In The First Twelve Months.

For you that are thinking it sounds too good to be true, I say, "Stand Back Non Believers, And Watch!! First purchase a large box of tissue, don't open it, and put it in your vehicle to use at a later date. In several months, as you are driving in city traffic and look at the vehicle in front of you with a My Satellite Messenger advertising a home for sale. You begin seeing more and more of My Satellite Messengers, some displaying Safety Messages, Personal Messages or Advertisement for their business. Now is the time to open that box of tissue when you know the local Distributor of My Satellite Messenger is well on their way to becoming a Millionaire, then Multi-Millionaire and you are still working for a monthly paycheck! It's tissue time - make it several - the tears are Big!! You knew that there will only be 100 business minded people in the U.S. that took time to visit the website and made a wise decision. Too late now. You were told that all 100 Distributorships would be gone very quickly - long before the first My Satellite Messenger would be manufactured. “No Recovery” - “Too Late” - “Too Bad” - "So Sad" - “You Blew It”!!

READ BEFORE YOU CLICK! Hi, I am Whitlow George, I want to personally visit with you on a telephone call. Robo Calls have caused people to not answer important calls and delete other calls before they listen to an important message. In one hour or less, after you “click” on this ad, I will personally call you from the 512 area code – Hey, it’s me – please answer!! Then my Assistant will send you a very informative email from our email starting with MillionDollarsNetGuaranteed@. The email will give you a great preview to our website – that it will invite you to visit – so please read it – you asked for it! You only need about an hour to read about My Satellite Messenger, The Eagle Companies and then, a short phone visit with me. Then, you will be one of only 100 wise business minded entrepreneurs that can soon be a Multi Millionaire. I am waiting – it’s your move!! I hope you are ready to Buy “The Best Business Ever Offered”, and not just killing time costing companies $100 - $200 - $300 every time you click! I want to spend my personal time on telephone visits with entrepreneurs that are seriously searching for a “Great Business” to own that will make them Millions of Dollars!! I am looking forward to a telephone visit, giving you a lot of information and answering all of your questions. I can also tell you if the Marketing Area you are interested in is available. Let’s Visit!!

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The Eagle Companies is currently accepting inquiries from the following states:

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Washington, D.C., West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

Interested parties should have at least $30,000 in liquid capital to invest.

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