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2019 Opportunity Costs

Liquid Capital Required:$19,900

The Business Alliance Franchise Consulting Information:

Experience a Rewarding & Lucrative Business

Become a Franchise Consultant and enjoy the personal satisfaction and financial rewards that come from helping others achieve their goals. By utilizing the knowledge, systems and relationships that we've developed over the past 25 years, you can get started immediately. You'll gain access to our database of franchises that would take a newcomer years to develop. For only $19,900, the investment is far less than that required to become a successful consultant in any other field.

Our one-time fee includes everything you need to begin your new business. If you are accepted as a Business Alliance Consultant, we will train, certify and support you for the life of your business. By working with us, your entrepreneurial dreams can become reality.

No Experience Necessary

Experience in franchising is not required because our comprehensive training and support program will provide you with the knowledge, systems, and tools that will enable you to come up to speed quickly and become very successful. All you need to bring to this business is a strong desire to be your own boss, a strong desire to help others, a willingness to learn our system and excellent communication skills. We take care of the rest, as we teach you the most effective process for helping people find the franchise that is the best match for their background and their goals.

A Huge and Growing Demand for Our Service

Over 43% of all retail sales in the United States last year went through franchised outlets, although only 12% of businesses nationally are franchised. This remarkable statistic, along with the success rate of over 94% for new franchised outlets, has led to an explosion in franchise sales nationally. Our consultants are providing a necessary service because prospective franchisees are confused by all the options for business ownership, and because franchisors are desperately seeking qualified applicants to fill the need for successful expansion. There is no cold-calling or soliciting required in this business. People contact us because they want our help. In fact, we are adding consultants at this time because the demand for our service is currently greater than we can handle.

Work With the Best Franchises

As a Franchise Consultant, you are not limited to any single franchise. This is the key to your success - the ability to adapt your business to different needs and to market changes. You are able to shift without barriers between different companies, so that you can help more people find the business that is right for them. We pre-screen hundreds of franchises, so that you can focus on working with the very best companies within each industry. You'll be able to help many people with many different backgrounds and goals, because we work with both well-established franchises and new, ground-floor opportunities.

Tremendous Income Potential and Flexibility

Our consultants enjoy tremendous income potential, earning up to $15,000 for a single transaction. Unlike many other businesses, you have no upward limitation on your income. You can operate this business from your home or a small office, requiring only a phone, fax and computer, so your overhead is very low. In addition, you have the flexibility to start this business on a full-time basis, or on a part-time basis while maintaining your current position.

For $19,900 complete, we provide a professional business, ready to run, with The Business Alliance team standing next to you every step of the way!

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