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Professional Home Inspections & Environmental Testing
Welcome to Certified Inspections. We've developed a revolutionary breakthrough in franchising by combining 2 different fields - Home Inspection and Environmental Testing, to provide franchisees with greater earning potential. Our exclusive "value-added" concept designed to net the maximum amount of money per hour. We didn't invent the home inspection franchise - we perfected it!

Easy to Earn Big Money
Imagine that your clients are in the process of spending the largest sum of money they have ever spent in their lives. Since they are buying a house and they are already convinced they are going to do this, they offer little resistance to spending $700 - $1200 on a home inspection. After all, it is a small price to pay to assure them they are not putting their life savings into a disaster. As you probably know, toxic mold is a major current issue and we will show you how to turn mold into gold!

An Honest Business
You are providing an altruistic service to people; one that they sincerely thank you for. You are protecting them from unforeseen health hazards and financial disasters, and giving them a more realistic assessment of the house's value, and what they will need to invest in it. It enables them to get the asking price reduced and/or problems resolved before they close on the house. Your clients respect and value your services rather than complain about them.

Small Initial Investment
Many businesses require the leasing or purchase of real estate and/or costly equipment to get started, and warn you not to expect to break even for the first several years. A home inspection business can get off the ground for roughly the cost of a mid-size economy car, and a profit can be realized as quickly as in the first year, or soon thereafter.

Low Overhead and Low Aggravation
The initial investment and training period is far smaller than that of most businesses. You can run it out of your home, and save money on office rent and even, at least initially, a secretary. There are few tools needed and only a minor amount of printed material. No warehouse, no inventory, no employees showing up late for work or quitting without notice.

Efficient Use of Time
Very few jobs pay more per hour, and most of them require years of medical, law, or business school with huge education bills. You can do an inspection, be home 3 hours later with a lucrative check and have no more homework, other than sending the client a copy of the lab reports with a cover letter when they get faxed back to you the following week. No more wasted time going out on estimates. You can spend your free time working on side jobs, soliciting realtors for more business or going fishing. When you do work, you're making the most of it, and you can often schedule your jobs at times convenient for you. Very few professions allow this luxury.

Interesting, Stimulating Work
Each job is at a different house with different people, and takes only a couple of hours, so there's no boring drudgery that you find with most other jobs going to the same 9-5 place everyday and seeing the same people. You can even schedule your jobs so as to avoid rush hour traffic! Part is performed indoors and part outdoors. You will continually find new, challenging circumstances from which you can learn.

Higher Earning Potential
Our unique "value-added" system can earn you more money per hour than just doing home inspections! Any franchise can give you the opportunity to work your tail off and earn a decent living, but only with our method can you either work part-time and earn executive's wages, or full-time and earn a very comfortable living.

We Set the Trends
The only constant is change, and our corporate executives continually work on new methods to get you increased business and greater profits while reducing problems and stress. Rather than following trends, we create them and are innovators in our field.

Training, Support, Teamwork
You will receive comprehensive and ongoing training in the appropriate technical and marketing fields that this business demands, as well as be affiliated with the tip professional organizations such as ASHI and NAHI. We guide you to a wealth of marketing tools and techniques, and proven income-producing resources.

Low Start-up Investment
Our initial franchise investment and royalty payments are priced well below many other franchises in order to help you get immediately started on your rewarding career.

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