N-Compass TV

Industry Q&A with N-Compass TV

How has your industry changed in the last 10 years? 20 years? 

Digital is leading media in the advertising world. There was no social media 20 years ago and there were no flat TV screens that could do anything but broadcast television programming. We reach people when they are on the go in their daily lives- where they work/shop/eat/ or play. Decades ago, most communication was home-based and print-based.

What trends do you see in your industry over the next 5 years? Next 10 years? 

Digital will replace paper and poster boards and more advertising dollars will be spent on digital out of home signage including mobile.

What is the biggest concern about your industry that a franchisee candidate should be aware of and investigate? 

Growing too quickly without having proper support. Fortunately, our Dealers don’t have to face this issue as we know how to train SELL, SCALE, REPEAT.

Why do you think your company stands out in the industry? 

There are very few providers with our scalable model.

What makes your franchise/ business opportunity more attractive than your competitor’s? 

There are very few providers in this space. We have invested years and financial resources to develop the best technology and training system to help our Dealers get to revenue quickly.

Describe the ideal candidate. Do you think your requirements are any different than your competitor’s? 

We're looking for Dealers who are outgoing and have sales, marketing, and/or management experience, and who are results oriented.  A person who can build relationships and who has the motivation to excel! You must have a minimum of $30k in liquid capital and be ready to make a commitment. We do have successful Dealers who work this business part-time, but are dedicated to putting in the work. Must be able to get out of your car and talk to people.

What’s the strongest skill you require in a candidate?  

The ability to get out of the car. If you can talk to people and are diligent about your work ethic, you can have a robust digital signage business with N-Compass TV.

Describe the working environment of your franchisees. Is your environment typical of other companies in your industry? 

One of the most attractive features about being an N-Compass TV Dealer is the freedom of working from anywhere- home and your car. No special investment is required to build a brick and mortar location. A computer, tablet, and phone are all that’s needed to run a successful business.

Why has your company been successful? 

The right industry at the right time and we are deeply invested in the success of our Dealers. Our US-based customer service and request turn times are top notch.

What advice would you give someone interested in buying a franchise in your industry?  

Do your homework. There are several providers in this space, but none that have been this successful for over 8 years. Our proprietary technology is cutting edge. We deliver content to the screens via the internet vs. thumb drives that have to physically be swapped out.

How much experience in this industry should a franchisee candidate have should they consider buying a franchise in your industry? 

We have many successful Dealers who are 1st time entrepreneurs.

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