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Retail Franchises For Sale:

QC Kinetix is a concierge medicine that offers tailored treatment plans for things like arthritis or injury. We treat damaged joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and tissue, due to arthritis or injury. We use...

250k Minimum Cash Required

What started as a small coffee shop on the corner of Main Street in downtown Longmont, Colorado in 2004, has since grown to multiple drive-thru and coffeehouse locations across the U.S. If you're interested in being part of...

150k Minimum Cash Required

Naturals2Go is a business program offering healthy snacks & drinks utilizing the latest technology in automated retail - (vending) with services and support unmatched in the industry. We are your one stop option to start and...

50k Minimum Cash Required

For entrepreneurs who want to make an impact through customized marketing solutions, there is really no better opportunity than Fully Promoted. We are a promotional marketing consulting company that specializes in...

50k Minimum Cash Required

Venture X is part of one of the fastest growing industries across the globe – shared/flexible office space, commonly known as Coworking! It also offers a unique franchise opportunity for anyone looking to diversify and/or...

250k Minimum Cash Required

LazyDaze CoffeeShop is more than a coffee shop…We are a subculture made up of folks whose behavior and values have always been very different from the norm! We are a coffee shop and a dispensary that carries Counterculture...

70k Minimum Cash Required

Celebree School is an early childhood education company. Established in 1994, we now have 26 corporately owned Schools throughout Maryland and Delaware. Each location serves to protect, educate and nurture children ages 6...

200k Minimum Cash Required

Storage Authority helps busy professionals like you make a lucrative self-storage income and retirement nest egg, while you can continue your career. It is the perfect trifecta for those looking to own their own business:...

800k Minimum Cash Required

Discover the freedom and flexibility of business ownership with a Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control franchise. The services industry is one of the largest sectors of the economy, and is projected to continue growing....

80k Minimum Cash Required

As an Instant Imprints Franchisee, customers come to you when they want to be more visible to their customers. We create that visibility five different ways: Embroidery, Signs & Banners, Promotional Products, Custom T-Shirts...

60k Minimum Cash Required

We are America's HOTTEST Boot Camp System, with extreme physical and financial RESULTS. We offer a premium fitness brand that has yielded thousands of documented client transformations. Join the success with our daily...

100k Minimum Cash Required

We’ve claimed our niche in the exterior remodeling segment, and you can too. Take a look around your neighborhood. You probably won’t find a clear leader in the exterior home remodeling arena. Investing in an...

40k Minimum Cash Required

Are you interested in 100% passive income while participating in the exploding sales of alkaline water? WST operates the entire business for you. Water is the fastest growing category in grocery stores. And our state-of-...

100k Minimum Cash Required

Since, 2005, Voodoo Brewing has been focused on crafting the best damn beers you have ever tasted! When it comes to our franchise model, we couldn’t have made it more simple if we tried. We know that not all Franchise...

150k Minimum Cash Required

Popular Retail Franchise Categories

Opening an independent retail business is not impossible, but you would be entering an enormously competitive space all on your own. By starting your business as a franchise, you’ll enjoy the opportunity that exists in retail while gaining valuable support and a proven business model. Explore some of the most popular types of retail franchises for sale!

Clothing Store

One of the many challenges in the clothing industry is keeping up with trends in your niche. Overcoming that challenge as part of a franchise may be easier than trying to source products from popular brands all on your own. You can also leverage the marketing advantage that comes with franchising when trying to stand out above the competition in your local market. 

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The low overhead and modest startup cost of a kiosk franchise makes this business model appealing. This is also a relatively simple business model with fewer moving parts than other operations, making it a good choice for first-time business owners or those wanting to manage a business part-time.

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Gas Station

While we all use gas stations on a regular basis, and we pass by them daily, few people see them as a business opportunity. They can be just that, however, as the consistent traffic that stops by to purchase fuel may also want to buy food, drinks, and more. Franchising is a smart way to get involved in this famously competitive space.

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Rental Store

When someone needs something that they can’t afford to purchase, renting that item becomes the next best alternative. There is tremendous potential for margin in this model, with the same item being returned over and over again to bring in more revenue. It would be difficult to build your own rental store brand from the ground up, but franchising a new store is a more feasible endeavor. 

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Party Store

Whether you love to have a good time and want to help others do the same, or you just like the potential available when opening a party store, this is another compelling retail possibility. Specializing in one niche like parties allows your location to stand out from competing stores that may only offer a small collection of party supplies.

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