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franchise video #2617

BrightStar Franchise Testimonial from Franchise Research Institute

August 2, 2011

Jeff Johnson, Founder & CEO of Franchise Research Institute, discusses the results of the surveys taken with BrightStar franchisees. The clearest sign that a franchise offers a strong opportunity is in the testimonials of its franchisees, and Jeff illustrates the high marks BrightStar scored in these interviews.

Total Investment: $93,048 - $154,307

Industry: Healthcare & Senior Care

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franchise video #2384

Mosquito Squad Franchise Opportunity

August 1, 2011

Chris Grandpre, President & CEO of Outdoor Living, discusses the Mosquito Squad franchise opportunity. This opportunity addresses a huge need and demand in the marketplace, where mosquitoes are not just being a nuisance, but helping to spread fatal epidemics. The market place for this product is not just limited to single family homes, but also restaurants, businesses, parks, and on and on.

Total Investment: $35,000 - $70,000

Industry: Home Services

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