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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but a good video may be worth more! Watch informational videos about various franchise opportunities and brands:

franchise video #3799

Smokin Oak Wood-Fired Pizza

December 20, 2016

WE MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY...WITH PIZZA! At Smokin' Oak Wood-Fired Pizza, we are so passionate about baking the perfect pizza. Our baking process is based on centuries-old methods which have been modernized for efficiency and consistency. We deliver authentic, artisan pizza using high quality, fresh ingredients. For example, our tomato sauce is prepared using fresh, crushed tomatoes and is renowned for its taste and quality.

Total Investment: $447,000 - $713,000

Industry: Food

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franchise video #3781

Sydnee's Pet Grooming

December 5, 2016

Sydnee’s Pet Grooming, home of the Furry Facial, creates a healthy and stylish life for your pet. Our love of animals shows in every aspect of Sydnee’s. Our natural products pamper your pet, our stylists are passionate and committed, and our Sydnee’s Foundation helps us give back to our animal community. For more information visit

Total Investment: $152,614 - $241,429

Industry: Pet

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