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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but a good video may be worth more! Watch informational videos about various franchise opportunities and brands:

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Senior CompuCare - Training and Repair Service

October 27, 2017

Senior CompuCare was born with its mission to help seniors in day-to-day computing, seniors taught by seniors and to provide them with computer screen repairs, diagnostic, repair and advocate-type services for those wanting the best buy in purchasing some form of computers, tablets, smartphones and digital devices. WE COME TO YOU! SAVE TIME & MONEY! What makes Senior CompuCare unique is our training method – teaching Seniors, veterans, adults, kids, corporate training, retirement homes, technology training, business training and groups what they want to know, on their own computers, in the comfort of their own home, business or group location.

Total Investment: $25,000

Industry: Computer & Internet

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October 26, 2017

Burgerim customers are promised a unique and flavorful experience at each of our locations. Choose from an uno, duo, trio, or party box of our 2.8 oz. patties and get creative with patty flavors, unconventional toppings, and sauces. We provide the opportunity to make your burger as unique as you are. Our stylish restaurants are home to our trained franchisees and their staff—all well practiced in ensuring consistent and commendable customer service.

Total Investment: $150,000 - $400,000

Industry: Food

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October 25, 2017

InstaHealthy is a people-first company and we could not be more proud to be just that. We put our people first, who in return put our partners first, and with that, great profits follow. To our partners, we offer a Healthy Vending and a Micro Market business opportunity which is strongly focused on you, our InstaPartner. As an organization we are made up of risk takers, doers and goal getters. We embrace and empower change every single day. Lastly, we do things differently here at InstaHealthy and, because of this, we get different results.

Total Investment: $50,000

Industry: Food

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