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French Fry Heaven

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French Fry Heaven Mission Statement

The mission of French Fry Heaven is to serve the Best Fries on Earth, Be everywhere people are hungry, leave you with a smile on your face and make a significant amount of impact on the world.

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So What is French Fry Heaven?

Quite Simply, French Fry Heaven is a SNACK ONLY location that serves two kinds of fries, Angels and Saints. Angels are classic fries served Belgium style and topped with a cacophony of the greatest flavors imaginable which represent the favorite flavors from all around the world, ranging from simple Love (Love=Ketchup) to Garlic/Parmesan with Black Truffle Salt.

Saints are delicious Sweet Potato fries served either salty, with the Angel toppings or dessert style rolled in cinnamon and brown sugar and covered with things such as caramel, vanilla or marshmallow and pumpkin spice. Magic!

Oh, and keep in mind that we are inventing all the time, so while the typical FFH has its unique menu of 30+ flavors, there are already 50+ available!

Franchise Marketing

French Fry Heaven 02 From the very first day a French Fry Heaven draws massive public relations opportunities. One newspaper speculated that our French Fry Heaven generated $2,000,000 in free PR in the first few months alone! What else can you get into that will cause that kind of buzz? Our social media presence is as hot as they come and has seen a 60% activity rate, which is unheard of! Heck the French Fry Heaven name and other naming conventions generate virtually unlimited marketing opportunities.

Our series of cartoons that are attached to our flavors open endless possibilities for promotion. Ultimately the coolest thing about FFH is that people are irrationally passionate about our product and generate the buzz at a level others only dream of!

French Fry Heaven Franchise Advantages

Ease of entry French Fry Heaven 03

  • Simplicity of Operation
  • Low inventory and equipment levels
  • Snack food market wide open
  • Low food costs and high margins
  • Low building costs
  • Well organized
  • Fun
  • Real estate freedom
  • Franchisee focused

Ease of Operations

  • Create your own Menu choices
  • 21 master sauces
  • 50+ available sauces

Your customers, “Happy Souls” will be helping to select a new flavor each month to try out. Plus you are allowed to create your own sauces, under some oversight. You can partner with other local business and generate a new sauce that creates an extra source of revenue for you.

Local Advertising Focus
1/3 of your marketing dollars goes for local advertising! French Fry Heaven 04

Charitable Service
1/3 of your marketing dollars goes towards your choice of charitable service.

Festival Productions
Go out to local festivals, concerts and events and generate great marketing buzz, participate at charity events, and create extra financial opportunities for yourself in the local community!

Everybody love fries!
Enjoy an irrationally passionate fan base of Happy Souls!

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Steps to Opening

  • Contact FFH
  • Online Presentation
  • Complete and Submit Evaluation
  • Receive the FDD and Review for 14 days.
  • Day of Discovery
  • Sign Contract/Check/Plan for Multi-Unit even if you are only doing one today
  • Site Selection (With our Professional Team) supporting you
  • Build (Site Survey to GC with our Team)
  • Training (70% online/30% on ground)
  • Marketing (13 steps)
  • Your Successful Opening

Are you hungry for more information regarding a French Fry Heaven franchise?
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