Smart GPS Back Pack

Smart GPS Back Pack

The Smart Back Pack

26 Million GPS Back Packs Sold in Japan

Back to School and Christmas are coming and so is your success as a distributor!

Locations available at Walgreen's or Office Depot.

The Smart GPS Back Pack

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  • The newest "Edge on Education"
  • We promote GPS safety and learning; English to Spanish
  • Small monthly fee but build residual income
  • Great for Schools or Fundraising
  • The Captain Smart Learning System can help any child
  • Numerous things to do before Grade 2. It's all inside their first backpack
  • Profit from our TV advertising and branding
  • GPS is a 50 Billion dollar industry and growing
  • Personal, GPS Trackers sold separately

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Facts You May Not Know

  • GPS is a $50 Billion and growing business.
  • Infomercials have generated 174 Billion in sales.
  • The children's market for under age 11 accounts for another $280 Billion.
  • Our products reach all markets today.

"Freshest New Concept I Have Seen In Years" - Andrea Kolb, Discovery Channel

The Smart Learning System

The Captain Smart Learning System is a CD that includes a wide variety of fun and educational things to do before second grade. Our sing-along cartoon and other entertaining activities will give your early school-age children, age 3 to 7, the necessary skills for empowerment. Using an easy and simple method included for:

    Smart Backpack 04
  • Reading
  • Math
  • History
  • Sign Language
  • Bring My Dream To Life Career Game
  • Telling Time
  • ...and so much more

The CD also includes a printable coloring book featuring characters in the career costume that are most popular with children of this age. Plus, the names of the careers are written in both English and Spanish for reading comprehension. Now that's Smart!

"One of the sharpest role models and educational theme for kids I have seen."
Mr. Ancil Sparks, Retired FBI Agent and Coach For Success inc.

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