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Buy 1 Get 1 FREE! We are not crazy (other than for Yogurt and Cookies)

For a limited time, Famous Brands International is about to put our money where our mouth is. We will be giving away a free Franchise fee of your choice, with every Franchise purchased! We have a very limited number of these. Do not miss this opportunity to get 2 franchise fees for the price of 1! This is the part where you request more information, NOW!

Why are TCBY and Mrs. Fields the right investment?

TCBY and the iconic Mrs. Fields remain franchise favorites due to our in-demand product, unwavering brand loyalty, and three decades of industry dominance. And now, due to customer demand, we need even more entrepreneurs like you to keep up with the dessert craze!
  • Known and loved by millions for 30 years, both TCBY and Mrs. Fields are two of the most recognized brands in America
  • Mrs. Fields is THE name in cookies since 1977
  • TCBY champions the market — and competition — with 350 franchises in 45 states, double the number of most in the industry, and Mrs. Fields has over 350 locations worldwide
  • TCBY leads the industry in innovation! Introducing our new Silk product line – a non-dairy frozen yogurt receiving rave reviews from customers coast to coast
  • TCBY proprietary non-dairy yogurt has created a new yogurt consumer and increased the TCBY brand reach
  • What goes better together than Cookies and Yogurt? We are actively opening Co-Brand locations all over the country
"When we opened our doors two years ago, there were people lined up, and they haven't stopped. I know that a lot of businesses have tried to copy TCBY, but no one's come close."

– Sam Batt, TCBY North Carolina Area Director and Multi-Unit Franchisee

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Within 90 days of permits issued, you could be in your very own TCBY or Mrs. Fields, selling memories like we have done for three decades

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Famous Brands Intl LLC, 8001 Arista Place, Broomfield, CO 80021. This information is not intended as an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy, a franchise. It is for information *IBISWorld Industry Report: Frozen Yogurt Stores.

TCBY is currently accepting inquiries from the following states: Colorado, Connecticut, Washington, D.C., Delaware, Illinois, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia.

Interested parties should have at least $100,000 in liquid capital to invest.

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TCBY is not currently accepting inquiries with less than $100,000 to invest.
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TCBY Franchisee Interview with Samuel Batt

TCBY Franchisee Interview with Samuel Batt

Samuel Batt explains why he chose TCBY over other franchises even though he had no...

I was an IT Consultant with Accenture for about six years. It required a lot of travel, and so at that time I think that that’s when I really reprioritized my life where I wanted to be home with my family a lot more and I’ve always wanted to own my own business. I lacked restaurant experience. The only experience that I had was working at a bagel shop when I was in high school, so I thought going the franchise route would be the best way to get into the restaurant world where they can train me to own my own business. When I started looking into franchises, I never even considered another frozen yogurt because TCBY is the best. I just thought it would be the perfect marriage between this new, hot, trendy self-serve platform with the best product out there. Nobody compares to TCBY yogurt, nobody. In terms of taste, nutrition, everything, it’s just so much better and all anybody needs to do is taste it. It’s incredible. It’s not a dessert. It is a dessert, but it’s so good for you. It’s very cool to see that something that started just a year ago has now exploded all over the country. It’s hard to believe that we opened the first self-serve TCBY store just a year ago and here we are today where we have six self-serve TCBY stores. Just given the opportunity to open that store, but also to be able to go home every night and spend time with my family, which is the reason why I did it in the first place. It’s a fantastic opportunity and I have no regrets. I can’t imagine a better job, a better brand, a better company to be a part of. 

How Much Does It Cost?

  • Liquid Capital Required: $100,000
  • Net Worth Required: $250,000
  • Total Investment: $285,000 - $365,000

More Franchise Information

  • Incorporated Name: TCBY Systems, LLC
  • Business Type: Franchise
  • Industry: Frozen Desserts
  • Industry Subsector: Frozen Desserts

  • Franchising Since: 1982
  • Total Units: 221

  • Royalty Type: Flat
  • Financing Assistance: Available, via third party
  • Training and Support: Available
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