About Us

Who is Franchise Gator and how can they help me with my business quest?

Franchise Gator has been around since 2002 and our only business is helping you find your business. We offer one of the largest directories of Franchise and Business Opportunities on the internet. We work with the big guys you've heard of and the new guys that everyone will be talking about soon, making Franchise Gator your one-stop-shop for business ownership information and research. We also have hundreds of articles about franchising to help educate you on buying a business.

Can I trust Franchise Gator with my personal information?

Yes. We promise to never sell or share your information with any companies other than the ones you specifically request. We have delivered over 1.5 million leads, and we've never re-sold our user's information. Your privacy matters.

Why the funny name and logo?

Our founder knew that owning a business could be a lot of fun. So ,when he started Franchise Gator, he wanted a name that he could brand with a logo people would love. And no, it has nothing to do with the Florida Gators. And yes, we know our logo, "Stevie", looks a lot like that purple dinosaur guy. And we do love our Gators here. We have over 1,000 different gators in our office - stuffed, plastic, glass, ceramic...you name it. Some of us even have Gator tattoos but that's for another page.

Our Staff

We're a small shop here at Gator, big enough to serve you, but small enough to keep it fun and fresh. We pride ourselves on our innovation and service. Below is a brief introduction and our Gator Names, of course...

  • Teanna Hart, Admin/Accounting Assistant, aka GlitterGator
  • Sylvia McAndrew, Senior Account Executive, aka "The Hammer"
  • Jesse Posnansky, Marketing Director, aka RaiderGator

Still have questions?

Visit our FAQ Page where we answer some basic questions about how to use our website.

Ok, enough about us

Go find your dream business... start your search!

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