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Here are the best franchises for sale in Virginia. Below is a list of essential demographic data, economic indicators, and insights into key industries that will help you plan out your next franchise venture in Virginia.

Population per Square Mile218.6
Per Capita Income$43,267
Total Employer Establishments206,271
Total Employment3.3 million
Total Retail Sales per Capita$14,185

Virginia's economic and demographic data, along with recent insights into its business environment, paint a comprehensive picture of its franchising landscape:

Demographics and Economy: Virginia's population density (218.6 people per square mile), per capita income ($43,267), and a significant number of employer establishments (206,271) create a promising environment for franchises. The state's considerable retail sales per capita ($14,185) further enhance its attractiveness for various business models.

Economic Rankings and Growth: Ranking 13th in the U.S. for economy size and with a real GDP of $669.4 billion, Virginia's economic strength is evident. Despite a slower GDP growth rate of 1.0% in the first quarter of 2023, sectors like arts, entertainment, and recreation have seen substantial growth (25.7%). The state's low unemployment rate of 2.7% suggests a healthy job market.

Key Industries: Virginia's economic backbone is formed by diverse sectors like technology, defense, agriculture, healthcare, tourism, and the emerging sports betting industry. This diversity opens up varied opportunities for franchises in sectors from tech to healthcare and entertainment.

In summary, Virginia's franchising landscape is characterized by a strong, diverse economy, a skilled workforce, and a business-friendly environment. The state's mix of traditional and emerging industries, coupled with its strategic geographical location, offers a wide array of opportunities for franchise businesses.

Cities and Industries

Arlington is a hub for professional services, with 40.9% of the population engaged in professional, related occupations, and 33.0% in management, business, and financial operations, reflecting a significant need for business to business services. The median rent at $1,847 and owner-occupied median home value at $774,799 suggest an affluent population, creating a market for luxury home services and premium retail franchises. The high level of remote work (51.4% working from home) could drive demand for home-based franchising, IT support, and health and wellness services focused on remote workers.

Chesapeake's balanced workforce, with 62.5% in white-collar roles and 37.5% in blue-collar jobs, aligns with consumer expenditure where $840.17M is spent on food and beverages, indicating potential for a variety of dining options from fast food to casual dining franchises. The owner-occupied median home value of $276,182 and annual retail expenditure of $2.7B suggest opportunities in home improvement services, retail franchises, and automotive services, considering the significant transportation expenditure of $1.04B.

Virginia Beach's demographic, with an average household income of $144,363 and a significant percentage (69.5%) of white-collar employment, is primed for upscale retail, health and wellness, and specialized service franchises. The consumer expenditure data, showing $466.15M spent on food and beverages and $580.36M on transportation, could mean success for food service and automotive franchises. The housing market, with a median home value of $465,048, indicates a market for home renovation, landscaping, and real estate services tailored to affluent homeowners.

Website Analytics

Our website data shows that 3.62% of our visitors are from Virginia, indicating a tangible interest in business opportunities within the state. The 79.69% bounce rate could suggest that while there is initial interest, many users do not proceed further. For potential franchisees, this could imply that despite a high level of interest in Virginia franchising, there's a gap in advancing to the next step, representing an opening in the market.

Franchise Opportunities

Virginia offers a broad spectrum of business opportunities, backed by a consistent and flourishing economic climate. Delve into Virginia's promising market to discover a franchise that aligns with your entrepreneurial vision.

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Facts About Virginia

Capital: Richmond
Year of Statehood: 1737
Largest Cities: Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake
Motto: Thus always to tyrants.
Nickname: Old Dominion
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Franchising Economic Indicators in Virginia

  • Virginia was ranked No. 4 on Forbes' Best States for Business list for 2023. Virginia has consistently been ranked among the top 10 states for business since the inception of this ranking in 2006.​  (source)
  • In CNBC’s 2023 Top States for Business rankings, Virginia climbed to the No. 2 spot, being rated as America’s best state for education. (source)
  • As of October 2023, Virginia had an unemployment rate of 2.7%.  (source)
  • Virginia ranks 13th among U.S. states for fiscal health.  (source)

Franchise Opportunities in Virginia

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