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Dream of starting your own business but don't have the cash to make it happen? Think franchising is out of your reach? Think again, because believe it or not, there are cheap and low cost business opportunities that can get you started as your own boss with investments starting at $20,000 and less.

Understandably, not everyone has the high capital available to start a huge endeavor, but that shouldn't stop you from realizing your dreams. And just because a franchise is "cheap" doesn't mean it's not a good, quality investment. So if you have less cash but a lot of motivation, don't close the door your future.

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Did You Know?

As of 2016, there's an estimated 800,000 franchise establishments operating in the U.S.

SOURCE: International Franchise Association; PwC

It's estimated that franchises have employed 8.9 million people in 2016

SOURCE: International Franchise Association; PwC

The estimated economic output of U.S. franchise establishments was $868 billion in 2016

SOURCE: International Franchise Association; PwC

Almost 30% of all requests made at Franchise Gator are for lower investment franchises

SOURCE: Franchise Gator

International Franchise Association; PwC

International Franchise Association; PwC

International Franchise Association; PwC

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Types of Low Cost Franchises:

From vending to medical billing to consulting, there are plenty of cheap franchise opportunities with low startup costs. In fact, many don't require office space allowing you to work from home or on-site for your clients. Talk about low cost!

Why Consider a Low Investment Franchise?

With little to no overhead, buying a low investment franchise allows you to get your business up and running quickly, putting you on the path to becoming your own boss in no time. You don't need deep pockets or a lot of cash to get started since many of these opportunities require $20,000 or less.

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Low Cost Franchises For Sale Currently Available:

Own your own diversified finance business approving what banks decline and offering more competitive solutions on what banks approve. Six to Seven figure income potential. True recession resistant modal. Not a Franchise....

20k Minimum Cash Required

As the fastest growing mail box store developer in North America, The Mail Box Stores' development specialists guide you step-by-step through the process of starting your own mailbox store business. Our simple turn-key...

30k Minimum Cash Required

Want to earn big commissions in the lucrative financial industry but you lack the experience? Let Global Financial Training Program help you get started! With comprehensive training, marketing support and the potential to...

19.95k Minimum Cash Required

Buildingstars offers a commercial cleaning franchise with a focus on cleaning office buildings. We have a unique three stage business model that guides the franchise owner through a step-by-step blueprint for growth. We...

10k Minimum Cash Required

Do you want to own a popular retail business that is always in high demand? The Dollar Store Industry is a $60 BILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS, and is growing every year! As the largest developer of dollar stores in the country, our...

40k Minimum Cash Required

Just as our name suggests, our dealers are selling mattresses to consumers BY APPOINTMENT. Set your own hours and create a schedule that works for you, instead of waiting around for customers to walk in the door. The...

20k Minimum Cash Required

An Aire Serv franchise is an invitation to join a community of like-minded professionals who are ready, willing and able to share their experiences and best practices with you. This is what it looks like to have your...

50k Minimum Cash Required

So you’ve decided to take a serious look at owning your own business, why not go with a proven business model with a long history of success? Pestmaster Services® has been in the industry for over 40 years and is the #1...

35k Minimum Cash Required

WinnLake is a veteran-owned company that has seen the need to help other folks get into a business that is low risk & low cost with a very healthy return on investment (ROI). When you become a licensee with WInnLake, there...

20k Minimum Cash Required

Popular Low-Cost Franchise Categories

What low-cost franchise option will be the right fit for your needs and goals? Explore the following categories as a starting point:

Vending Franchises

Not only is a vending franchise a potentially affordable way to get started, but it can also be an excellent entry point for someone interested in a part-time business venture. Without employees to manage or a storefront to keep open, a vending franchise may allow the flexibility needed to keep working a job while transitioning into the life of a business owner.

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Medical Billing Franchises

There is minimal overhead required to start a medical billing business, and the ongoing demand is significant. With a franchisor on your side, finding your first clients will likely be easier than if you were just offering services as an individual in this competitive market.

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Consulting Franchises

It would be a shame to let your hard-earned knowledge and experience in a particular field of business go to waste. Consulting is an excellent business model that comes with only a modest financial investment to get started. While the cash required is minimal, you will have to bring your skills to the table to convince clients that you can help drive their business forward.

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Cleaning Franchises

A cleaning business is another great low-cost franchise opportunity. While there will be a lot of physical work at the start—sweat equity—you could transition to a management role as the business grows and you can afford to bring on more employees.

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Tutoring Franchises

You shouldn’t need to invest much money at all to get started with a tutoring franchise. The overhead will vary depending on the way the business is set up to serve students, but a tutoring franchise is a great way to enter a potentially lucrative market without the need to build your own brand recognition. 

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