Amazon FBA Automation

We will build, manage, & scale a 100% done-for-you Amazon FBA E-Commerce business. Giving you truly hands-free passive income. Powered by a 100% money-back guarantee. Our company utilizes partnerships with established brands, & exclusive pricing with our vetted wholesale suppliers. We leverage an in-house team of digital marketing analysts to find, acquire, and sell inventory. You can easily make 6-7 figures in passive income while we build your e-commerce Amazon business. We are fully insured.

What Does an Amazon FBA Automation Opportunity Cost?

To buy an opportunity with Amazon FBA Automation, you'll need to have at least liquid capital of $50,000. They also offer financing . *


Financial requirements for this opportunity:

Liquid Capital: $50,000
What does Liquid Capital mean?


Options available to owners:

Financing: Available
Training: Available

Amazon FBA Automation - Business Opportunity

The #1 Automated, Done-For-You Business Opportunity…

Want to own an Amazon ecommerce business without all the hassle of running one yourself? Our team of experts will build, manage, and scale your Amazon store from the ground up so you can make money while you sleep. With multiple successful stores already under our management, we are confident enough to offer a 100% store buy back guarantee if you are not satisfied within the first 18 months. 

What makes our Amazon FBA Automation better than the competition?

  • Our white glove service and transparency.
  • We leverage our “Aged Amazon Stores” to start immediately scaling your store.
  • Proprietary product research strategies, ensuring we sell winning products.
  • We only purchase inventory from established brands, and exclusive pricing with our suppliers.
  • We’ve negotiated a no-risk inventory buy back clause with all suppliers.
  • We’ll be happy to show you inside our current store's Amazon seller accounts.
  • Reference calls with current clients available upon request.
  • Backed by a 18 month , 100% money back guarantee.
  • Trusted by Better Business Bureau.
  • Fully insured through Berkshire Hathaway Insurance & The Hartford Insurance.

What Is Our Done-For-You Amazon FBA Automation Service?

Amazon Automation is a business model where we (a team of Amazon Experts) run and manage an Amazon store for you. 

We are partners in this business. Together, we help you set up your own LLC. You are the capital partner, and we are your operational contractual partner.

Unlike other Amazon automation business opportunities, we are able to transfer ownership of one of our ‘Aged Amazon Stores’, allowing you to purchase directly into an already functional store, avoiding the 90-day limitations Amazon imposes on brand-new stores. Allowing you to reduce your risk of possible suspension, and immediately invest more capital into inventory so you can make money faster.

You sit back and we do all the work. You leverage our infrastructure, expertise, suppliers, and warehouses; while we pick, source, and manage winning products in your store.

We Research & Test Winning Products. Using our proprietary in-house strategies, we can determine the hottest products, allowing us to identify products with higher-than-normal margins due to our negotiated pricing partnerships with our suppliers.

Once we find winning products, we source our products from established brands and leverage our exclusive pricing with our vetted wholesale suppliers.

Unlike most Amazon sellers, we source the highest quality products to list on your store.

  • No Risky Dropshipping
  • No Cheap, Overseas Products
  • Lower Risk of Amazon Suspension

If your inventory does not sell within 60 days, our suppliers are contractually obligated to buy back the unsold inventory at the initial cost.

We scale your store based on sales data.

You sit back and enjoy your monthly updates about your new cash-flowing asset.

Our Client's Amazon Store Results:

$17,500,000/mo. - Monthly Revenue For All Amazon FBA Automation Stores

$6,200,000/mo. - Monthly Net Profit For All Amazon FBA Automation Stores

198 - Current Amazon FBA Automation Stores Managed

139 - Satisfied Amazon FBA Automation Clients

What qualifications do I need for this opportunity?

  • $50,000.00 Minimum Investment
  • 740 Minimum Credit Score
  • $120,000 Minimum Annual Income
  • Low Debt-to-Income Ratio

What is the profit share?

We offer 3 investment packages starting at $50,000.00:

  • 70/30 Profit Split
  • 80/20 Profit Split
  • 90/10 Profit Split

Once you schedule a call with your advisor, we will help you determine the best package for your success.

What do you need to do for this opportunity?

  • We will work together on creating your new LLC & certifications.
  • We handle the store set up, product research and daily management.
  • When inventory runs low on a product, we will send you an invoice and once you  complete the payment, we will order more products.
  • All you have to do is approve inventory and let us know when you’re ready to scale.
  • We do the work, while you sit back and watch your ecommerce brand grow.

What are the next steps?

Simply click the button below, review the email we will send you, and schedule a call with our team of experts.

What is it? 

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a service that allows businesses to outsource order fulfillment to Amazon directly. We send products to Amazon fulfillment centers and when a customer makes a purchase online, your product is picked, packed, and shipped. 

What do we do?

Malik Consolidated allows you to tap into an 80 Billion Dollar industry. We create a fully automated business for you. Business Set Up, Product Research, Inventory Management, Fulfillment, Customer Service—we’ll take care of all the heavy lifting while you start accumulating passive income! We meet weekly, monthly or quarterly to discuss your store and the overall performance as well as direction. 


  • 18 month buyback guarantee in writing.
  • Partnership with fortune 500 companies; U.S. & international based wholesale suppliers. 
  • Fully Insured.


  • Complete Automated Business
  • 100% Done For You 
  • Recurring Passive Income
  • New Age Investment
  • Transparency and Control 
  • Ownership in your own store 
  • Long-term Growth 

Ready to own a completely done-for-you Amazon FBA business?

Ready to Learn More?Ready to Learn More?

We have more information on Amazon FBA Automation available today for you to review.


Amazon FBA Automation is currently accepting inquiries from the following states:

Alaska, Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, District Of Columbia, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Iowa, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, North Carolina, North Dakota, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Vermont, Washington, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Wyoming

Interested parties should have at least $50,000 in liquid capital to invest.

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