Business Opportunities in North Dakota

North Dakota is not just a bastion of natural beauty but also a beacon for businesses for sale. Its economy, underpinned by thriving energy sectors and agricultural roots, presents an inviting canvas for entrepreneurs looking to establish or expand a franchise. Whether it's the allure of Fargo's bustling city life or the charm of smaller towns, North Dakota offers a unique blend where business ventures can flourish. Embark on your franchising journey in North Dakota, where the potential for success is as vast as the horizon.

Population per Square Mile11.3
Per Capita Income$37,343
Total Employer Establishments24,816
Total Employment332,684
Total Retail Sales per Capita$25,439

North Dakota, with a population density of 11.3 people per square mile, showcases a vast landscape with room for growth. A per capita income of $37,343 and a strong presence of over 24,000 employer establishments suggest a robust economic environment. North Dakota's total retail sales per capita stand at $25,439, signaling a consumer market with substantial spending in the retail sector. This level of spending power underscores the potential for retail-focused franchises.

In the first quarter of 2023, construction led with the highest net job increase, adding 1,969 jobs, reflecting 4,870 gross job gains versus 2,901 losses. This growth indicates a thriving construction sector, potentially favorable for related franchises. Leisure and hospitality followed with a net gain of 1,420 jobs, suggesting this industry's resilience and opportunities for service-oriented franchises. Retail trade also showed strength with a net employment gain of 1,229 jobs.

These figures emphasize North Dakota's potential for various business opportunities, from construction and home services to hospitality, leisure, and retail. The state's economic momentum, supported by significant industry growth, lays a promising foundation for new and expanding franchises.

Cities and Industries

Fargo's high average household income of $91,332 coupled with the considerable retail expenditure of over $2.22 billion implies that residents are both earning and spending, which is ideal for retail-oriented franchises. With almost 75% of the workforce driving alone to work, automotive service franchises could see high demand. Meanwhile, the $856.02 million spent on transportation underscores the potential for automotive sales and repair services. Franchises in the food and beverage industry could also capitalize on the $695.67 million expenditure in this category, indicating a market for both fast-casual and full-service dining establishments.

In Bismarck, a projected annual population growth of 1.2% and a high average household income of $105,237 reflect a prosperous economic climate. The impressive average household net worth of $437,924 suggests a market with significant spending power, likely to respond well to franchises offering luxury goods and services. Health care franchises have a clear window of opportunity, with $242.54 million spent annually, indicating a community invested in health and wellness. The housing market also shows potential, with owner-occupied median home values at $268,946 and $610.86 million spent on shelter, highlighting opportunities for home improvement and real estate franchises. Furthermore, with a significant 64.6% of the workforce engaged in white-collar jobs, there's a substantial market for franchises that offer business-to-business services, such as consulting, marketing, and office maintenance.

Website Analytics

Our website metrics for North Dakota point towards a landscape rich with untapped potential for franchises. With only 0.15% of our total users coming from the state and a high bounce rate of 79.81%, the data suggests that many visitors are in the preliminary stages of their franchise exploration. This presents a ripe opportunity for savvy entrepreneurs to step in. The brief average session duration of 43 seconds further highlights lower competition levels. For those ready to act, North Dakota could be a frontier of opportunity, offering the chance to establish a foothold in a market poised for growth.

Franchise Opportunities

North Dakota offers a diverse selection of businesses for sale, supported by its steady economic environment. Immerse yourself in North Dakota's prospective market to find a franchise that resonates with your business goals.

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North Dakota

Facts About North Dakota

Capital: Bismarck
Year of Statehood: 1872
Largest Cities: Fargo, Grand Forks
Motto: Liberty and union, now and forever, one and i
Nickname: The Peace Garden State
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North Dakota Grows Business

  • In the first quarter of 2023, North Dakota experienced the highest growth in real GDP among all 50 states, with a 12.4% increase, significantly higher than the nationwide increase of 2% . (source)
  • Forbes ranked North Dakota as the third-best state in the nation to start a new business.  (source)
  • According to the "Rich States, Poor States" report, North Dakota is currently ranked 22nd in the United States for its economic performance.  (source)
  • The state ranks 19th in long-term fiscal stability, thanks to a well-funded pension scheme.​  (source)

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