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Here are the best franchises for sale in Utah. Below is a list of essential demographic data, economic indicators, and insights into key industries that will help you plan out your next franchise venture in Utah.

Population per Square Mile39.7
Per Capita Income$33,378
Total Employer Establishments90,301
Total Employment1.4 million
Total Retail Sales per Capita$16,113

Utah's demographics, with a population density of 39.7 per square mile, a per capita income of $33,378, and robust employment figures, create an open space for franchise development​​​​​​. 

Utah's tourism sector, with its focus on adventure, resorts, and gear manufacturing, alongside the booming technology industry in cybersecurity, software development, and data analytics, offers varied opportunities for franchises​​. Additionally, the financial services sector, including investment consulting, banking, and payment processing, highlights the potential for franchises in related fields​.

The key cities in Utah, each with their unique economic strengths, further enhance the state's franchising potential. Salt Lake City, the state's capital, boasts a $54.3 billion economic output, driven by technology, healthcare, finance, and tourism sectors​​. Provo, with its strong educational and tech sectors, and Ogden, known for manufacturing, transportation, and aerospace, contribute significantly to the state's economy​​. St. George, a retirement and outdoor recreation haven, and other cities like Orem, West Valley City, West Jordan, Sandy, and Layton, with their diverse economic bases, offer a wide array of franchising possibilities.

Utah's overall economy, ranking 30th in size among U.S. states, with a real GDP of $251.9 billion and a growth rate of 1.7%, showcases its robust and diverse economic environment. The state's low unemployment rate of 2.7% and significant growth in the information sector at 11.3% per year highlight its economic health and the potential for franchise growth​.

In summary, Utah presents a promising environment for a variety of businesses for sale. From tech and tourism to healthcare and financial services, the state's diverse economic landscape, combined with its dynamic urban centers, offers a wide range of opportunities for franchises to flourish.

Cities and Industries

Provo offers a growing customer base for new franchises. The city's substantial average household net worth of $831,675 speaks to a demographic with significant spending power, creating an ideal environment for luxury service franchises, high-end retail, and gourmet food establishments. With the total annual consumer expenditure reaching $3.64 billion, of which $1.72 billion is retail-oriented, there's a clear opportunity for both retail and service franchises to capitalize on this spending trend.

The labor statistics show a thriving professional environment, with over 16,000 individuals in management, business, and financial operations, suggesting a market for professional service franchises, such as consulting firms or career development centers. The substantial work-at-home population, which constitutes 18.6% of the workforce, also presents a niche for home office setup services, tech support, and home-based franchises that cater to this remote working trend.

Salt Lake City demonstrates robust economic activity with a total annual consumer expenditure of $4.72 billion, indicating substantial market potential for franchises. Notably, expenditures on shelter ($1.01 billion) and transportation ($856.02 million) are particularly high, revealing strong sectors ripe for businesses specializing in home services, real estate, and automotive care. The average household net worth in the city is a healthy $368,098, suggesting that franchises offering premium products and services would be well-received. 

The workforce data, revealing a labor force of 132,175 with a nearly equal distribution between male and female workers, and a substantial 25.6% company headquarter employee segment, highlight opportunities for corporate service franchises, including business-to-business services and professional development. With a white-collar workforce comprising 62.7% of the employed population, franchises in the sectors of financial planning, educational services, and upscale retail can find fertile ground in Salt Lake City's economy.

Website Analytics

The website analytics for visitors from Utah on our franchise portal reveal intriguing insights into the state's market potential. With a 75.94% bounce rate and an average of 1.53 pages per session, it appears that many potential franchisees in Utah are in the early stages of their search, often not delving deeply into the available information. This trend suggests a landscape of untapped potential, where decisive action could lead to significant advantages. The average session duration of just 49 seconds further indicates that while there is interest in franchising opportunities, many are not yet fully committing to their franchise journey. For those ready to take the next step, this presents a unique opportunity to act swiftly and possibly face lower levels of competition in the Utah market.

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Facts About Utah

Capital: Salt Lake City
Year of Statehood: 1847
Largest Cities: Salt Lake City, Provo
Motto: Industry.
Nickname: Beehive State
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Franchising Economic Indicators in Utah

  • Utah has reclaimed the top spot as the "Best State for Business" according to Forbes magazine rankings. Utah has held the number one spot four out of the last five years. (source)
  • Utah was ranked #5 in business costs, #4 in labor supply, and #10 in growth prospects by Forbes. (source)
  • According to WalletHub, Utah was ranked as the nation's best economy and the best state to start a business as of April 2023.  (source)
  • Utah secured the No. 1 spot in U.S. News & World Report's Best States rankings for 2023.  (source)

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