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Welcome to our Colorado State page, dedicated to offering in-depth insights into the vibrant and dynamic business landscape of Colorado. Here, we provide a detailed overview of the state's key demographic and economic indicators that shape its business environment. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or new to the world of franchising, this information will be invaluable in understanding the unique business opportunities Colorado has to offer.

Population per Square Mile55.7
Per Capita Income$42,807
Total Employer Establishments179,827
Total Employment2.4 million
Total Retail Sales per Capita$15,119

With a population density of 55.7 people per square mile and a per capita income of $42,807, Colorado combines a spacious living environment with a relatively affluent population. The state boasts 179,827 total employer establishments, providing a solid foundation for business operations. Furthermore, the total retail sales per capita of $15,119 reflect a strong consumer market, essential for any franchise operation.

Colorado stands as the 15th largest economy among U.S. states and Washington, D.C. The state's unemployment rate was notably low at 2.9% as of July 2023, suggesting a healthy job market. Colorado's real GDP growth rate in the first quarter of 2023 was 1.9% per year, outpacing the previous quarter's growth and indicating a vibrant and expanding economy. The total real GDP was recorded at $505.5 billion in goods and services per year, constituting 1.9% of the U.S. economy.

Colorado's business environment is characterized by a spirit of collaboration and a pro-business attitude, fostering growth across various industries. Colorado holds impressive rankings in several areas: 1st in private aerospace employment concentration, 6th for creative class occupations, 4th for STEM workers, 3rd for startup early job creation, and 2nd for technology & science. These rankings highlight Colorado's strengths in innovation and technological advancement, which are crucial for the success of new franchise ventures.

Cities and Industries

The city of Denver has seen steady growth over the years, with a historical annual growth rate of 1.7% from 2010 to 2020. The estimated average household income in 2023 is $138,780, making it an economically attractive market. For potential franchisees, this data points to a stable and growing market with an affluent population.

Additionally, the transportation data reveals that a significant portion of the workforce either drives to work alone (51.9%) or works from home (34.2%). This information is valuable for potential franchisees considering businesses related to transportation or home-based services. The city's substantial total annual consumer expenditure of $21.45 billion highlights significant spending on food and beverages ($3.1 billion), health care ($1.72 billion), and shelter ($4.57 billion). This data underscores the potential success of food-related franchises, health care services, and home-based franchises in Denver, given the city's residents' willingness to spend in these categories.

With an estimated $11.78 billion in total household expenditure in 2023, Aurora presents an ideal locale for franchise expansion. The thriving business landscape, boasting 16,441 total businesses and 454 company headquarters, suggests a robust demand for business to business (B2B) services. Franchises offering business services like marketing, IT support, and consulting can thrive in this environment. Companies in Aurora may seek these services to enhance their operations and competitiveness.

Furthermore, the retail expenditure of $5.54 billion offers enticing opportunities for retail franchises. Franchises in sectors like fashion, electronics, or specialty retail can benefit from this substantial retail spending.

Website Analytics

For potential franchisees, there's a significant opportunity to act promptly and secure a foothold in Colorado's thriving franchise market, based on data from our website analytics. On average, visitors from Colorado browse just 1.53 pages per session, with an average session duration of only 50 seconds. This underscores the urgency of the opportunity. We encourage potential franchisees to explore the untapped potential in Colorado's market and take the next step in their franchise journey by browsing our listings below.

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Facts About Colorado

Capital: Denver
Year of Statehood: 1858
Largest Cities: Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora
Motto: Nothing Without Providence
Nickname: The Centennial State
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Mile High Opportunities in Colorado

  • As of 2023, Colorado's economy ranks 15th in size among all states and Washington, D.C. (source)
  • Colorado was ranked as the eighth-best state to start a business in 2023. (source)
  • Colorado contributed 1.9% to the US economy in the first quarter of 2023. (source)
  • The real estate and rental and leasing sector had the highest GDP in the state, with $72.0 billion per year (seasonally adjusted) in the first quarter of 2023. (source)

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