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Explore the franchising potential in Maryland with essential demographic and economic insights. As a strategic hub in the Mid-Atlantic, Maryland's economic landscape offers a broad spectrum of business opportunities for franchise ventures. This page presents critical data and analysis, focusing on Maryland's demographic trends, economic indicators, and the franchising environment, to support informed business decisions in this competitive market.

Population per Square Mile636.1
Per Capita Income$45,915
Total Employer Establishments141,217
Total Employment2.2 million
Total Retail Sales per Capita$14,095

Maryland, with a population density of 636.1 per square mile, highlights a significant market potential for franchises. The state's per capita income of $45,915 and a strong total retail sales per capita of $14,095 suggest a capable consumer base with substantial purchasing power. This economic backdrop, supported by 141,217 total employer establishments and a total employment of 2.2 million, points towards a dynamic business environment conducive to franchising.

Maryland's economy, characterized by a robust real GDP of $478.9 billion, represents 1.8% of the US economy. The state, ranking 17th in economy size among states, demonstrates substantial economic clout. This is further underscored by the state's low unemployment rate of 1.7%, indicating a healthy job market.

Particularly noteworthy is the health care and social assistance sector in Maryland, which experienced an 8.8% growth rate, the highest in the state. This growth signals specific areas where business opportunities might be especially fruitful, such as health-related services.

Maryland's proximity to major urban centers like Washington, D.C., and Baltimore, coupled with its strategic location in areas like Easton and Anne Arundel County, offers diverse and accessible markets for franchises. This geographical advantage, combined with a highly trained workforce, enhances Maryland's appeal as a franchising destination.

Cities and Industries

Baltimore's economic indicators point to a promising environment for franchises; especially within professional and business services due to a workforce with 64.8% in white-collar jobs, including 16.8% in management, business, and financial operations. The food and beverage sector also shows potential, backed by $2.12 billion in annual consumer spending. With a current average household income of $93,659 and per capita income expected to increase to $44,759 by 2028, franchises in Baltimore can leverage the growing purchasing power. The projected rise in average household income to $110,336 by 2028 further signals an expanding market for franchises aimed at both essential services and luxury offerings.

Annapolis offers a fertile market for business opportunities with an affluent demographic profile. With an average household income of $182,609 and substantial annual consumer expenditures totaling $5.07 billion, the city is primed for high-end retail and specialized service sectors. The city's per capita income stands at $75,608, and households have a high net worth, averaging $971,771. The total annual consumer expenditure, including $183.69 million on apparel, $298.5 million on entertainment, and $67.94 million on personal care, points to lucrative opportunities in retail, entertainment, and health care franchises.

Website Analytics

The website analytics for Maryland visitors, characterized by a 75.73% bounce rate and an average of 1.58 pages per session, suggest that a large portion of potential franchisees in the state may not be progressing extensively in their franchise research and decision-making process. The relatively short average session duration of 50 seconds further supports this. The data could indicate a less competitive environment for those in Maryland who are actively pursuing business opportunities.

Franchise Opportunities

Explore the vast businesses for sale in Maryland below, benefiting from its dense population, high per capita income, and strong retail environment.

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Facts About Maryland

Capital: Annapolis
Year of Statehood: 1788
Largest Cities: Baltimore, Rockville
Motto: Strong deeds, gentle words
Nickname: Old Line State
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Let Maryland Play a Role in Your Business Success

  • Maryland ranked fourth in Scholaroo's list of top states for young workers. This ranking considers factors like employment rate, financial considerations, and lifestyle priorities.  (source)
  • Maryland is the sixth best state to find a job, according to WalletHub's November 2023 report. (source) 
  • In CNBC's Top States for Business, Maryland ranked 27th overall, with strengths in access to capital, tech & innovation, and quality of life.  (source)
  • The state supports minority entrepreneurs through programs like BOOST and is focused on increasing minority business representation, especially in tech industries.  (source)
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