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Connecticut is a land of opportunities for entrepreneurs seeking to start or expand their businesses. With various thriving markets, this state offers promising avenues for growth and success. Explore our resources and let Connecticut be the backdrop for your next business venture.

Population per Square Mile744.7
Per Capita Income$47,869
Total Employer Establishments88,509
Total Employment1.4 million
Total Retail Sales per Capita$15,496

Connecticut's economic landscape in 2023 is shaped by a combination of robust demographic indicators and a thriving array of key industries. The state boasts a high population density of 744.7 people per square mile and a per capita income of $47,869. These figures, coupled with a total of 88,509 employer establishments and a substantial total employment of 1.4 million, paint a picture of a densely populated, economically active state with a diverse and skilled workforce. The total retail sales per capita standing at $15,496 further underscore the state's strong consumer market​.

The economic growth in Connecticut is moderate but steady, as indicated by a real GDP growth rate of 0.3% in the first quarter of 2023. The state's GDP was $327.1 billion in goods and services per year, with significant contributions from various industries. Notably, the arts, entertainment, and recreation sector experienced the highest growth rate at 27.9%, reflecting a vibrant and expanding cultural sector. The finance and insurance sector also plays a pivotal role in the state's economy, contributing $41.4 billion per year.

Connecticut has established itself as a hub of innovation and industrial diversity. It is home to global leaders in advanced manufacturing, with over 4,400 manufacturers driving advances in precision processes and breakthrough fabrications. The bioscience and healthcare sector employs more than 17,000 workers across over 500 companies, demonstrating the state's strength in these fields. These industries, along with the burgeoning film, television, and digital media sector, showcase Connecticut's capacity for technological advancement and creativity.

Moreover, Connecticut's recognition as a global leader in investment and asset management, coupled with its distinction in insurance services, positions the state as a financial powerhouse. These varied sectors not only contribute significantly to Connecticut's GDP but also provide a fertile ground for new and diverse business opportunities.

Cities and Industries

In Stamford, Connecticut, the high average household income of $236,139 creates a lucrative environment for franchising. This affluent demographic, coupled with a significant professional workforce (74.4% white-collar workers), suggests a market that values premium and specialized services. The city's substantial spending on health care ($768.69M), combined with high expenditures on food and beverages ($1.4B) and retail ($4.57B), especially in apparel, points to opportunities for health and wellness franchises, upscale dining, and premium retail outlets. These factors, along with Stamford's status as a corporate hub, suggest a consumer base with disposable income and a preference for quality, convenience, and luxury, making it an attractive location for high-end service-oriented franchises and boutique retail businesses.

New Haven’s economic indicators show a city with stable growth and a solid financial foundation. The average household income of $94,562 and a high net worth average of $894,353 suggest a community with spending power. Retail expenditures amount to $3.28 billion, indicating a thriving market for retail franchises. The presence of 14,921 businesses with a total employee base of 120,856 points towards a substantial business services market, potentially for office supply and professional consulting services.

Website Analytics

Analyzing the data from our website's Connecticut visitors, a notable bounce rate of 75.41% is evident, indicating that a significant portion of potential franchisees explore our site briefly before moving on. With an average of only 1.6 pages viewed per session and an average session duration of just 54 seconds, it suggests that visitors from Connecticut may not be progressing in their franchise journey. This data highlights an opportunity for franchisees to consider Connecticut as an untapped market with potential for growth.

Franchise Opportunities

In Connecticut, you'll find a wealth of businesses for sale, boosted by its dynamic and vibrant economic landscape. Dive into the state's markets to uncover a business opportunity that matches your entrepreneurial aspirations.

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Facts About Connecticut

Capital: Hartford
Year of Statehood: 1635
Largest Cities: Bridgeport, Hartford
Motto: He Who Transplanted Sustains
Nickname: The Constitution State
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Connecticut—The Right Choice for Business

  • Connecticut's GDP in 2022 was approximately $276.67 billion, with significant contributions from finance, insurance, real estate, rental, and leasing sectors. (source)
  • Gross job gains in the first quarter of 2023 accounted for 6.1% of private-sector employment in Connecticut. Of these gains, 69,509 were from expanding establishments, and 18,240 were from new openings. (source)
  • In CNBC's 2023 America's Top States for Business ranking, Connecticut climbed eight places to 31st, driven by improvements in quality of life, technology and innovation, and education metrics​. (source)
  • Connecticut achieved a noteworthy ranking in the U.S. News & World Report's overall best states ranking, placing 16th. (source)
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