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Welcome to our Texas franchising page. Texas is a state of opportunity, a place where the entrepreneurial spirit is as expansive as the landscape itself. With cities like San Antonio, offering a blend of rich history and growing markets, and Austin, known for its vibrant innovation, Texas provides a robust platform for franchise development. Navigate through the businesses for sale that best match your objectives, and let Texas be the launchpad for your franchise success.

Population per Square Mile111.6
Per Capita Income$34,255
Total Employer Establishments638,183
Total Employment10.7 million
Total Retail Sales per Capita$14,748

The Texas economy presents a plethora of business opportunities, characterized by a mixture of traditional and innovative industries. The state's impressive population density of 111.6 people per square mile creates a sizable market for businesses, while a per capita income of $34,255 suggests that there is disposable income available for consumer spending. With a total of 638,183 employer establishments and an employment figure reaching 10.7 million, Texas offers a vibrant and diverse labor pool for prospective franchisees.

The state's economic prowess is further evidenced by its recent economic expansion, with the gross domestic product growing at an annual rate of 7% in the fourth quarter of 2022, outpacing the national average significantly. This growth is reflective of the state's dynamic business climate and its successful model of fostering an environment where businesses and individuals can prosper​​.

Lastly, the creative industry in Texas, spanning music, film, TV, and video game production, employs nearly 900,000 Texans. Franchises that align with this industry, perhaps through providing specialized equipment, production support, or creative services, could leverage the state’s cultural dynamism.

Cities and Industries

San Antonio's demographic and economic indicators paint a promising picture for potential business opportunities. The average household income is estimated at $83,588, indicating a consumer base with spending power. The significant workforce within the management, business, and financial operations sectors, accounting for 12% of the occupational population, aligns with franchise models that offer business services.

The city’s home values, with a median of $209,199, and a considerable amount spent on shelter ($1.73 B), imply that home service franchises, such as home renovations, landscaping, and real estate services, could thrive in San Antonio. The city's considerable expenditure on food and beverages, at $1.2 B, also indicates a ripe market for food-related franchises, particularly those offering unique dining experiences or specialized cuisines that cater to the diverse tastes of San Antonio's residents.

Austin showcases a dynamic environment conducive to franchising. The city's average household income is a robust $140,098, and its median household income of $98,084 is above the national average, suggesting a population with disposable income. Austin's workforce is heavily weighted towards white-collar jobs, particularly in management, business, and financial operations (25.2%) and professional, related sectors (33.6%), which supports franchises in the professional services and B2B service industries.

The high rate of work-from-home individuals (39.4%) may point to opportunities for home-based franchises and services that cater to remote workers. Austin's significant annual consumer expenditure on entertainment ($832.59 M) suggests that entertainment franchises could find a receptive audience. The city's inclination towards health care, with expenditures of $1.15 billion, could indicate potential for franchises in the health, wellness, and fitness sectors

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A significant 10.37% of our website's visitors come from Texas, indicating a keen interest in franchise opportunities within the state. The bounce rate of 76.09% and an average session duration of 52 seconds suggest that while many are exploring, fewer are deep-diving into the details. For you, the aspiring franchisee, this represents a window of opportunity to step in and make an impact where others are not. This data underscores the potential for growth and the chance to establish a strong foothold in the Texan franchise market.

Franchise Opportunities

Texas presents a diverse array of businesses for sale. Explore a multitude of options to discover a franchise that fits your business ambitions and enhances the dynamic Texas marketplace.

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Facts About Texas

Capital: Austin
Year of Statehood: 1845
Largest Cities: Houston, Dallas
Motto: Friendship
Nickname: Lone Star State
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Be a Business Star in Texas

  • Texas was ranked second on Forbes' list of the best states for business in 2023, showcasing its strong economic standing. (source)
  • The state was recognized as having the top business climate by Site Selection Magazine, reflecting its favorable environment for corporate activities and investments. (source)
  • Texas' economy ranks second in size among U.S. states, indicating its significant impact on the national economy. (source)
  • The real GDP growth rate for Texas in the first quarter of 2023 was 3.0%, and the state contributed 9.5% to the U.S. economy.  (source)

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