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Here are the best franchises for sale in Wisconsin. Below is a list of essential demographic data, economic indicators, and insights into key industries that will help you plan out your next franchise venture in Wisconsin.

Population per Square Mile108.8
Per Capita Income$40,130
Total Employer Establishments142,496
Total Employment2.5 million
Total Retail Sales per Capita$15,840

Wisconsin's franchising environment is buoyed by encouraging economic indicators. The state has a population density of 108.8 people per square mile and a per capita income of $40,130. There are 142,496 total employer establishments contributing to an employment of 2.5 million. These figures suggest a stable economic environment with sufficient market capacity and consumer spending power, which are crucial for franchises.

The franchising sector in Wisconsin is experiencing notable growth. In 2023, the state is expected to add 132 new franchised businesses, creating 3,193 new jobs. The total number of franchise establishments is projected to increase to 15,220, employing around 164,257 people. The economic output from franchises was $15.8 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow by 3.2% to $16.3 billion in 2023.

Wisconsin's economy is driven by several key industries, which can offer opportunities for franchise development. The leading sectors include manufacturing; energy, power, and controls; aerospace and aviation; water technology; food and beverage; biohealth; forest products; and information technology. These industries show higher-than-average export growth, demonstrating their vitality and potential for expansion.

Cities and Industries

Green Bay, WI, presents a stable environment for business opportunities, with a steady population growth. The population is projected to grow modestly from 149,338 in 2023 to 151,691 by 2028, paralleled by a gradual increase in both average ($85,463) and median ($64,364) household incomes. This financial stability is underscored by a low unemployment rate of 1.9%, suggesting a solid base of potential customers and employees for new franchises.

Green Bay's franchising prospects are particularly strong in the automotive sector, with 71.6% of its workforce commuting by car and a hefty annual transportation expenditure of $728.66 million. These figures reflect a substantial market for automotive services, indicating frequent use and the likely necessity for maintenance and repair services. Additionally, with 4,909 total businesses and a notable presence of 208 company headquarters, there is an evident demand for business services. These enterprises could benefit from B2B franchises that offer operational, administrative, and professional support, tapping into the city's robust corporate ecosystem.

Milwaukee's significant portion of the workforce that works from home, at 20.3%, alongside a substantial shelter expenditure of $2.16 billion, reveals a prime opportunity for home-based and home improvement franchises. These could range from interior design and renovation services to home-office setup and organization businesses. The large expenditure in shelter not only underscores the value residents place on their living spaces but also suggests a receptive market for services that enhance their home environment, an industry ripe for innovative franchising solutions.

Website Analytics

Analyzing our website analytics from Wisconsin, the data could indicate unique business opportunities in the state. The high bounce rate of 77.66% and the brief average session duration of 47 seconds suggest that current offerings might not be meeting the interests of potential franchisees in Wisconsin. This scenario could point to a market with less competition. For new franchise ventures, this implies an opportunity to fill a gap in the market, potentially capturing a segment that is currently underserved.

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Facts About Wisconsin

Capital: Madison
Year of Statehood: 1848
Largest Cities: Milwaukee, Green Bay
Motto: Forward.
Nickname: The Badger State
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Franchising Economic Indicators in Wisconsin

  • From December 2022 to March 2023, Wisconsin experienced a net employment gain of 28,306 jobs in the private sector. This was a significant increase from the previous quarter's net gain of 14,264 jobs.  (source)
  • In the first quarter of 2023, Wisconsin's real GDP growth rate was 1.2% per year. Notably, the agriculture, forestry, fishing, and hunting sector in the state saw a remarkable annual growth rate of 21.0%, the highest among all sectors.  (source)
  • Wisconsin's unemployment rate is around 2.4%. (source)
  • The state's top corporate tax rate is 7.9%, which is competitive and business-friendly.  (source)

Franchise Opportunities in Wisconsin

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