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Iowa is ripe with lucrative business opportunities. Dive into the Hawkeye State's thriving business ecosystem through our comprehensive listings below. From established enterprises to exciting franchise prospects, Iowa's business-friendly environment welcomes you to explore and capitalize on its growth potential. Join us in unlocking the doors to success in Iowa's business landscape.

Population per Square Mile57.1
Per Capita Income$37,949
Total Employer Establishments82,997
Total Employment1.3 million
Total Retail Sales per Capita$15,925

Iowa's landscape is characterized by a per capita income of $37,949 and a strong retail sector with sales per capita at $15,925. The state supports a substantial number of employer establishments (82,997) and maintains a significant workforce of 1.3 million. These factors create a stable environment for franchise operations.

The state's economy is growing, with a 5.2% real GDP growth rate in the first quarter of 2023. The unemployment rate in Iowa was 3.2% as of October 2023, lower than the national average, reflecting a healthy job market.

Iowa is a national leader in agriculture, particularly in corn, pork, and egg production, and second in soybeans and red meat production. Advanced manufacturing is another major contributor, representing almost 14% of the workforce and specializing in areas like industrial metal processing, automation machinery, and medical devices. The information and communications technology sector is also growing, with significant investments from major tech companies and a focus on rural IT innovation​.

The state's robust agricultural base, advanced manufacturing capabilities, and strategic location for logistics and IT innovation, make it an attractive destination for franchise investments in various sectors.

Cities and Industries

Des Moines, Iowa, presents a conducive environment for various industries, especially those related to housing and home-based businesses. With a median home value of $188,457 the real estate and housing services sector has ample business opportunities. 

The significance of the work-from-home trend in Des Moines is reflected in the data, with a substantial percentage of workers, 22.3%, choosing to work from home. With a total household expenditure of $5.67 billion in 2023, of which $1.2 billion is allocated to shelter, there's a strong demand for home-related services. From the home-based franchises for remote workers to home improvement and renovation businesses, Des Moines offers a rich landscape for industries that support the needs of home-based professionals and homeowners.

Davenport, IA, presents promising business opportunities for potential franchisees in the food and beverage industry. The estimated average household income in Davenport for 2023 is $87,474, indicating a favorable economic environment where residents may have disposable income for dining out. Moreover, the annual consumer expenditure on food and beverages in Davenport is $698.75 million, reflecting a strong demand for dining options. This data combination suggests that entrepreneurs looking to invest in food and beverage franchises, such as restaurants, cafes, or specialty eateries, can tap into a growing market with substantial consumer spending potential.

Website Analytics

Based on the data regarding visitors to our website from Iowa, we currently observe a high bounce rate of 79.54% and an average session duration of only 48 seconds. These metrics could indicate an opportunity in Iowa's franchise market. The limited engagement we're seeing from Iowa visitors to our website may suggest a potentially untapped market for new prospective franchisees in the state. The lower participation of others could translate into a less crowded landscape, offering a more favorable environment for individuals considering business opportunities in Iowa. 

Franchise Opportunities

Explore a variety of business opportunities for sale in the Corn State through our comprehensive list of available options below.

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Facts About Iowa

Capital: Des Moines
Year of Statehood: 1857
Largest Cities: Des Moines, Davenport
Motto: Our liberties we prize and our rights we will
Nickname: The Hawkeye State
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Grow a Strong Business in Iowa

  • Iowa is ranked the 7th overall best state in 2023 by the U.S. News & World Report. (source)
  • The state is ranked at 8th in Fiscal Stability, showing effective financial governance. (source)
  • For Infrastructure, the state is ranked 11th. (source)
  • The state excels in Opportunity, ranked 3rd, highlighting the potential for social and economic growth. (source)
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