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Population per Square Mile69.8
Per Capita Income$41,680
Total Employer Establishments20,696
Total Employment239,758
Total Retail Sales per Capita$17,294

Vermont presents a unique context for franchising. The per capita income of $41,680 indicates a strong level of consumer spending power. Additionally, the total retail sales per capita of $17,294 provides insights into consumer spending habits, which is crucial for retail and service-oriented franchises.

The state's unemployment rate of 2.0% as of October 2023 indicates a healthy job market. The arts, entertainment, and recreation sector experienced significant growth, with a 17.4% increase, while the real estate and rental and leasing sector led in terms of GDP contribution at $5.3 billion.

The fastest-growing city in Vermont over the past three years has been Winooski, with a 3.81% annual growth rate since 2020​.

Cities and Industries

Colchester, VT, is a promising market for the food and beverage industry. The estimated average household income of $111,654 in 2023, with a projected increase to $116,532 by 2028, signifies a strong purchasing power within the area. 

Moreover, the total annual consumer expenditure in 2023 is approximately $1.61 billion, with a substantial portion, including $235.29 million, dedicated to food and beverages. This data underscores the community's significant spending on dining and culinary experiences. Considering these data points, investing in a food and beverage franchise in Colchester, Vermont, appears to be a lucrative opportunity.

A significant industry in Burlington, VT, is transportation. The total annual transportation expenditure in 2023 is a noteworthy $536.16 million. With a high percentage of individuals (57.8%) driving to work alone, there's a demand for various transportation-related services. Businesses involved in automotive services, public transportation, and carpooling should explore opportunities in this market. The monthly household transportation expenditure, averaging $1,145 per household, highlights the importance of this industry in residents' daily lives.

Website Analytics

Vermont presents an exciting business opportunity for potential franchisees. Our website analytics reveal a low engagement rate among visitors from Vermont, with an 82.13% bounce rate, which could indicate an open market for new franchises. On average, visitors from the state view just 1.45 pages per session, spending approximately 47 seconds on our site. This data suggests that Vermont could be a prime location for ambitious entrepreneurs to seize the advantage of this potentially low saturation and explore franchise opportunities in a market ripe for growth.

Franchise Opportunities

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Facts About Vermont

Capital: Montpelier
Year of Statehood: 1781
Largest Cities: Burlington, South Burlington, Colchester
Motto: Freedom and Unity.
Nickname: The Green Mountain State
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  • Vermont maintains one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country at 2.0%, ranking third lowest in the nation in October 2023.  (source)
  • In the U.S. News & World Report State Rankings, Vermont is ranked 9th overall and 2nd in opportunity.  (source)
  • The real GDP growth rate for arts, entertainment, and recreation in Vermont was a notable 17.4% per year in the first quarter of 2023.  (source)
  • Additionally, the real estate and rental and leasing sector was the highest in the state, with a seasonal adjusted value of $5.3 billion per year. (source)
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