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Discover the world of franchising in Oklahoma. Nestled in the heart of the United States, this state offers a wealth of business opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just beginning your journey, our Oklahoma state page is your key resource for uncovering the exciting possibilities within this great state.

Population per Square Mile57.7
Per Capita Income$30,976
Total Employer Establishments94,751
Total Employment1.3 million
Total Retail Sales per Capita$13,571

Oklahoma's economic and demographic profile presents a promising landscape for business opportunities. With a total employment of 1.3 million and total retail sales per capita of $13,571, there's a substantial workforce and consumer spending power in the state. This bodes well for franchises, particularly in the retail and service sectors.

As of July 2023, the state's unemployment rate stood at a low 2.7%, which was lower than the national average. This suggests a relatively healthy job market, which can be beneficial for franchises looking for a stable workforce. The state's real GDP growth rate in the first quarter of 2023 was 2.5% per year, indicating a growing economy. A growing economy typically correlates with increased consumer spending, which is advantageous for franchises, especially in retail and service sectors.

Agriculture, particularly in segments like rye, canola, and beef production, plays a significant role in Oklahoma's economy. The state's agriculture sector experienced a remarkable 77.2% real GDP growth rate in the first quarter of 2023, the highest in the state. This agricultural strength could present opportunities for franchises related to food processing, agricultural supplies, and related services. Additionally, the aerospace sector, with Oklahoma being known as the MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul) capital of the world, is a significant industrial driver​. 

Oklahoma is poised to become a hub for the automotive industry, with competitive wages and tax credits for engineers, suggesting potential for franchises in automotive services and parts. The bioscience sector, supported by world-renowned research centers, is advancing in the fields of life science, biomedical technology, and research and development​. Information and financial services are also growing, aided by the state's abundance of water and renewable energy and some of the lowest electricity rates in the U.S., attracting companies like Google and Dell​. 

Cities and Industries

Norman's demographic data illustrates a community with a high average household income at $90,452 and an impressive average household net worth of $404,858, indicative of significant disposable income. This economic stability is promising for franchises specializing in luxury items and upscale dining. With a total annual retail expenditure of $1.47B and transportation spending at $567.22M, automotive franchises offering repair, detailing, or even high-end vehicle sales could find a receptive market. The fact that a large percentage of the population drives to work alone (75.3%) suggests ongoing needs for vehicle maintenance and related services. The education expenditure at $96.43M and entertainment at $176.39M opens doors for franchises in personal development, such as tutoring centers, fitness clubs, or leisure and entertainment venues.

Oklahoma City's substantial total annual consumer expenditure of $4.67B creates a vast landscape for business opportunities. Significant investments in shelter ($999.34M) suggest a strong market for home improvement franchises, real estate services, and interior design studios, tapping into the homeowners' desire to enhance living spaces. The economic data points to a city with an average household income of $68,567, where both white-collar (52.8%) and blue-collar (47.2%) workers contribute to the economy. The health care expenditure ($396.67M) also suggests a thriving market for health and wellness-related franchises, such as urgent care clinics.

Website Analytics

Our website analytics from Oklahoma visitors suggest an interesting perspective on the franchise market in the state. The high bounce rate of 78.25% and the average of 1.5 pages per session imply that many potential franchisees are still in the early stages of their research. The average time on page of 47 seconds reinforces this notion. This data may indicate that there's still ample room in the Oklahoma market for new business opportunities. The current level of engagement suggests potential franchisees are exploring options, indicating a market that is not yet saturated and could be receptive to new franchising ventures.

Franchise Opportunities

Oklahoma offers a wide range of businesses for sale, supported by its thriving and varied economic environment. Delve into Oklahoma's potential markets to discover a business prospect that aligns with your entrepreneurial dreams.

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Facts About Oklahoma

Capital: Oklahoma City
Year of Statehood: 1889
Largest Cities: Oklahoma City, Norman
Motto: Work Conquers All.
Nickname: Sooner State
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Business Succeeds in the Sooner State

  • In the 2023 CNBC America's Top States for Business ranking, Oklahoma was rated third in the nation for its cost of doing business.  (source)
  • Oklahoma City is considered the 12th-best city for startups among the largest U.S. metro areas.  (source)
  • The cost of living in Oklahoma City is 16% below the national average.  (source)
  • As of July 2023, Oklahoma boasted a notably low unemployment rate of 2.7%. (source)

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