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Q: How do I use this site?
A: There are hundreds of companies on our site, and we offer the opportunity to sort through these companies by Industry, Investment or State. The easiest way is to start from our home page where you can narrow your results as much or as little as you like.

Q: What the heck is “Liquid Capital”?
A: Franchisors like to know this to ensure that their business is a fit for you financially. It’s basically how much money do you have or could you come up with – without taking out traditional loans. You can include money from your parents/partners/friends, your stock portfolio, your home equity, savings. Webster says: Cash or assets which can be readily converted into cash.

Q: Why do you need so much personal information?
A: Buying a franchise is serious business, so giving your complete and correct information indicates your true interest in learning more about a concept. Each company works differently, some will only call, or only email, or mail; others might do all of them!

Q: Are you going to sell my info to anyone and everyone?
A: Never! Some sites like ours do re-sell your information to Brokers or Consultants or Worse. But will never share your information with anyone except the specific companies you request. Privacy Guarantee

Q: I submitted my info, now what?
A: You should hear from your requested companies within 1-3 business days. Should you request info and not get a reply, feel free to contact us 678-748-3022 – Ask for Stevie. We’ll make sure someone gets in touch with you ASAP.

Q: Where’s Starbucks(or whatever franchise you really wanted to know about)?
A: First to be 100% sure they aren’t on our site, you should check our Alphabetical Directory. A lot of sponsors that can’t be found anywhere else on the site can be found here. If you don’t find them here then they have never been with Gator or contrary to what you may think, they don’t have an opportunity to offer … Starbucks..for example..not a franchise.

Q: How do I get the money to start my own business?
A: There are many sources for you to go to if you wish to seek financial assistance. Start with your local bank. Schedule an appointment to sit down with a representative to review your personal financial statement and to learn what it takes to secure a loan. It’s also recommended that you learn about SBA lending, and the best source to start with is A lot of franchises will also help you secure funding once you show real interest and have the credit history to support your ability to get financing. Visit our Franchise Financing page for more information.

Q: The companies are not listed alphabetically on each page?
A: Yeah, sorry about that. You can always see them in alphabetical order though at our Alphabetical Directory. Most of the companies you see on our site are paid advertisers and placement depends on ranking… like with Google. We are like the smaller, poorer Google.☺

Q: Does Franchise Gator vet their advertisers?
A: In short, no. Just because a company has a few, or even several, complaints posted online doesn't mean it is necessarily an illegitimate business. However, there are instances where evidence is presented to us, and we make a judgement call not to share that opportunity with our site visitors. But by no means is the listing of any franchise or business opportunity an endorsement by Franchise Gator. Consider Franchise Gator a means of introduction. The real work starts thereafter. All site visitors are strongly encouraged to perform strong due diligence on each company they express interest in.

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