Palm Beach Specialty Coffee

What Does a Palm Beach Specialty Coffee Distributorship Cost?

Cash Required:$15,495
Total Investment:$15,495

Palm Beach Coffee Distributorship Information:

Palm Beach Specialty coffee has been selected for the 2008 Best of West Palm Beach Award
in the Coffee & Tea category by the U.S. Local Business Association (USLBA).
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Does the possibility of being financially independent really motivate you? Can you spend a few hours each week to get started in your new business?

If you answered yes, it brings me great pleasure to introduce you to the Palm Beach Specialty Coffee Team.

Our Café Espresso Distributorships offer you the opportunity to own your own business, with very low overhead, & unlimited income potential.

A Growing Market
The growth opportunity with your Specialty Coffee Distributorship is phenomenal. Did you know that coffee is the second largest commodity in the United States, and it represents over $18 billion in annual sales. The Specialty Coffee portion is almost $6 billion. Remember, coffee is the number one beverage consumed in the world and it is a "RECESSION PROOF" product.

Why Specialty Coffee?
  • Immediate Cash Flow! - Your cash flow starts as soon as your machines are placed. Most new businesses fail, in large part, from lack of cash flow in the beginning.
  • Working For You 24 Hours a Day - Regardless of what you choose to do with your time (family, vacation, other business ventures, etc.), your Specialty Coffee Business is working for you all day, every day.
  • The Perfect Home Based Business - No boss. No set hours. No rent. No utilities. No employees. No advertising costs. No maintenance. No franchise fees. No royalties.
  • Tax Deductions! - Are you trapped in a 20%-30% tax bracket? Your tax advantages in this business are incredible! You can deduct expenses such as mileage, meals, computer, printer, telephone, equipment and other allowable expenses.
  • Part Time to Full Time! - How would it feel to wake each day knowing that not only is your time your own, but you have a little "army" out there making you money while you sleep? Let the Palm Beach Specialty Coffee Team help you make it happen!
  • The Key to Wealth- Multiple Streams of Cash Flow! - Do you know anyone who is financially independent or wealthy? How did they get there? Luck? They most likely got there gradually with "multiple streams of cash flow". In other words, they have more than just one source of income. Here's your chance.
  • How Much Can I Make? - Your Specialty Coffee Business or level of income with these machines will be directly related to the number of machines you have and the locations they are in.

We have everything in place for you. Whether you have run a small business before or not, we will help you get off to a fast and prosperous start.

Palm Beach Specialty Coffee has been in business since 2002!

Please note this distributorship is not available outside the US.
Interested parties must have at least $20,000 liquid capital to invest.
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