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CEO Interview with Brooksy Smith of 1-2-3 Fit

Industry Experience

Brooksy's background is a true testament to his experience in franchising. He worked at Quiznos as an Area Director in Texas, opening 67 restaurants in five years. He also served as Quiznos Sr. VP of Franchising, where he developed the franchise sales system that launched Quiznos to its current position as the fastest growing restaurant chain in the world. Brooksy then served as Executive Vice President for Quiznos, where he was responsible for Operations, Compliance, Product Development, Training and Marketing. Under Brooksy, Quiznos had the nation's highest year to year increase in average unit volumes, the highest increase in total system-wide sales in the country and a top 5 position in customer satisfaction according to J.D. Powers and Associates.

Why the Move from Sandwiches to Fitness?

"What I'm most excited about is the chance to build a business that is dedicated to helping others. After years of working to provide a great sandwich to people, I am proud that we are dedicating ourselves to improving the quality of our member's and franchise owner's lives," Smith said.

And America is ripe for a quick, convenient, effective and affordable coed fitness concept.

  • The American Heart Association estimates that 90% of the population still doesn't exercise.
  • IHRSA recently completed a survey and found that although 91% of the respondents believe exercising at a health club would improve their overall health, only 18% of those surveyed actually belong to a health club.
  • The US Government estimates that 60% of US adults are overweight or obese.

How did you develop 1-2-3 Fit?

"We created a fitness center designed to deliver what Americans want and need," stated Smith.

To build a program of maximum benefit to members, 1-2-3 Fit brought together a fitness advisory board made up of the brightest people in America. 1-2-3 Fit assembled physiologists and an endocrinologist from the University of Colorado Health Science Center and Tufts University and three psychologists from the University of Virginia and from the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.

Why psychologists?

"Because the best workout in the world is the one that you do. So, 1-2-3 Fit designed a workout that was not only effective, but inviting to members to keep them coming back for the long term," stated Smith.

The result is the unique and highly effective 1-2-3 Fit workout. Here's a quote from one of our members that sums it up, "1-2-3 Fit eliminated all of my excuses for not joining a gym - too far, too expensive, too much of a financial commitment, too hard and too much time involved. The 1-2-3 fit staff is great and continues to take great care of you long after the initial visits. It is the quickest 30 minutes of my day! The program accelerates at each individual's own rate."

How is 1-2-3 Fit different form Other 30 Minute Workouts?

1-2-3 Fit is a unique 30/30 circuitT that alternates strength training and cardiovascular exercise to allow members at any fitness level to safely stay in their "aerobic zone." Men and women get a total body workout in 30 minutes, spending 30 seconds per station.

"Our coed environment encourages members to exercise with a spouse or friend on revolutionary Simbio SystemT equipment developed exclusively for 1-2-3 Fit. It is the next evolution in fitness equipment, designed to provide both positive and negative resistance for maximum effectiveness, all without the soreness typically associated with traditional weight training," stated Smith. Finally, our Membership PromiseT truly helps us stand out from the competition. Every new member receives one-week free, the option of month-to-month membership and a 30 day money back guarantee. Todd, a member from Centennial, CO says, "The comfort level is tripled. No other club offers a month to month membership and a comfort guarantee that promises satisfaction with your workouts after 30 days or your money back. It eliminates the top 20 reasons not to work out!"

Why will 1-2-3 Fit succeed?

"It would be a bad idea to go into the market if we were going to replicate something that is already in place and working. If you have a better mousetrap, you can do it," said Smith.

1-2-3 Fit provides all the support needed to get started in the fitness industry. With low initial investment, a simple operation, no inventory and a small staff, 1-2-3 Fit offers the perfect opportunity to become an entrepreneur.

There is no other express, coed concept in the market. With over 60 units sold across the county, 1-2-3 Fit is a revolutionary fitness franchise designed for those seeking a fun, fast and effective workout in 30 minutes. 1-2-3 Fit is an affordable solution for those who want to own their own business in the exploding world of fitness.

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