24Seven Vending

24Seven Vending Franchise Information:

A Revolutionary Business Format Vending Franchise is Seeking Franchisees in Texas.

The Market
  • 24seven Vending services provide cold drinks, snacks, fresh and cold foods and office coffee service.
  • $42.1 Billion industry in the USA. Since 1993, vending industry volume has risen nearly 47 percent. (Vending Times, "Census of the Industry 2004")
  • The largest "all cash" business in the world.
  • An industry we believe has been slow to embrace new technologies.

Buyer Profile
  • Seeking owner/operators interested in running their own franchised vending business.
  • Background in business and customer service is desired as well as someone who will work well with our organization and respect the relationship in the business.
  • The resources required to invest in our franchise: Min. $80,000 Cash. Net Worth: $150,000.

The Economics
  • The initial investment ranges from $266,800 to $290,800. Of this amount, the franchise fee is $230,000 and includes access to the vending machines.
  • 10% royalty on gross sales. $5.50 technology fee per vending machine per week.
  • 24seven will lease a number of vending machines and office coffee service (OCS) accounts that are already operating on locations. The number of vending machines and OCS accounts and locations will vary; however, the (historical) Aggregate Weekly Gross Revenues of all Vending machines and OCS accounts will not be less than $6,730 as described in 24seven's Uniform Franchise Offering Circular. This equates to $350,000 per annum.

Points of Differentiation and Competitive Advantage
  • 24seven offers a franchise concept based on vending services using our proprietary wireless technology and software system that reports to our franchisees their vending sales, restocking requirements, profitability, machine operating problems and other information that leads to advantageous operating efficiencies.
  • Franchisees will lease pre-sited vending machines with known sales histories. A typical franchise will include vending machines with an historical aggregate revenue stream of approximately $6,730 per week in gross revenues ($350,000 per annum).
  • 24seven is revolutionizing vending and franchising.

Why Now?
  • Vending is "screaming for change".
  • Wireless technology will allow franchisees to work more efficiently.
  • No one has franchised vending the way 24vending does and NOW is the time to combine franchising, technology and pre-sited accounts to offer an excellent franchise opportunity.

Desired/Targeted Territory Expansion
  • Dallas/ Ft. Worth
  • Los Angeles and Southern California
  • Nation-wide expansion plans underway

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