ACE Cash Express

What Does a ACE Cash Express Opportunity Cost?

Cash Required:$141,650 - $282,850

ACE Cash Express Check Cashing Franchise Information:

Why ACE Cash Express?
Simply put - we are the industry leader.

ACE Cash Express, Inc., headquartered in Irving, Texas, is the largest owner, operator and franchiser of check cashing stores in the United States. ACE offers a broad range of financial services and is the largest provider of MoneyGram wire transfer transactions. Our variety of products and services include money orders, small consumer loans (where applicable), bill payment services, prepaid local and long distance telecommunication services, and other ancillary products. ACE is a publicly owned company and is listed and traded on The NASDAQ Stock Market under the symbol AACE. The reasons for our success are numerous and stem from the foundation of management, organization, and investment in technology, which have all been integral parts of ACE's strategy since 1987.

As of June 2005 ACE had 104 franchise owners operating 229 locations. Together with 1142 company owned stores across 37 states and the District of Columbia, ACE operates twice as many retail centers as our nearest competitor. As the industry leader, ACE's relationships with certain major suppliers allow franchisees to reduce operating expenses as compared to independent operations.

To achieve a higher level of success, ACE also depends upon the uniform quality and service from each franchise location, which makes training a high company priority. To accomplish this goal, ACE provides a thorough and comprehensive training and support program and a team of experienced professionals.

Franchisee Support:At ACE, we are committed to open communication, teamwork, and working together to create innovative and customer-focused solutions. Below is a summary of the support provided to each franchisee.
  • Store Opening Assistance
  • Site Identification and Acceptance
  • Development Assistance
  • Classroom Training
  • Store Opening and On-Site Training
  • Ongoing Evaluation and Support
  • Marketing Support
  • Proprietary Point-of-Sale System
  • Free Software Upgrades
  • Annual Convention
  • Intranet

ACE Cash Express Offers Three Franchise Options:
Full-service store franchise

This is the traditional store capable of offering the complete variety of financial services.
  • Investment: $30,000 initial franchise fee and an initial total investment of $236,700 to $279,100.*
  • Royalty: The greater of $1000 or 6% of your monthly gross receipts.
  • Size: Full service centers are typically 1,000 to 1,500 square feet.

Small-market franchise
This is a small market store located in a town with a population of 15,000 or less, and not adjacent to or near a larger metropolitan area.
  • Investment: $15,000 initial franchise fee and an initial total investment of $180,700 to $229,100.*
  • Royalty: The greater of $850 or 6% of your monthly gross receipts.
  • Size: Small market centers can be opened as full-service or kiosk stores.

Kiosk franchise
This is a self-contained store that can be located within a convenience store and offer check-cashing, money orders, wire transfers and other services.
  • Investment: $15,000 initial franchise fee and an initial total investment of $143,200 to $176,600.*
  • Royalty: The greater of $850 or 6% of your monthly receipts.
  • Size: Kiosks are typically 100 to 250 square feet.

Conversion franchise
Existing check cashing operators are welcomed to join the ACE family through our conversion program.
  • Initial investment of $141,650 - $227,850.* $15,000 initial franchise fee waived.
  • $1200 a month. Reimbursement of up to $15,000 for certain approved conversion expenses.*

Note: ACE offers prospective franchisees the right to acquire an exclusive option to open more than one franchise location in certain select markets.

*Should you desire to become an ACE franchisee, you should refer to the company's Uniform Franchise Offering Circular for a more complete and up-to-date description of franchise terms and conditions, including franchise fees and estimated initial investments.

Join The Success Today!
Since 1996, ACE Cash Express has been the largest franchiser of check cashing and related financial services in the United States. ACE combines the strengths of both company and franchise operations to expand the ACE franchise program. We look forward to working with you soon.

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