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Industry Q&A with Eric Meyer, CMO of AEON, INC

Provide an overview/ description of your industry.  Include reasons why it’s a great industry to start a business in today.

Telecommunications is a $1.4 trillion opportunity in the U.S. and a 6.5 trillion opportunity worldwide, making your earning potential in this growing market huge. Businesses today require 24/7, secure connectivity to operate at the highest levels and rise above the noise. A telecom franchise like AEON not only delivers the cutting-edge products and services that companies a, but they’re able to do it at a great value.

Communication is the backbone of a successful business. The telecom business, especially, is all about connecting people through technology. If you’re a people person who is energized by helping clients find solutions to their business communications challenges, this industry might be a great fit for you!

How has your industry changed in the last 10 years?  20 years?

The world of technology has massively changed over the last decade. With cell phones becoming smart phones to IoT and SD-WAN, the services and products of telecommunications have changed to meet the needs of the newest technology. The cost of these telecommunications services has also changed. 

What trends do you see in your industry over the next 5 years?  Next 10 years?

The major trends that will drive the most change in telecommunications over the next 10 years are the products and services that need to keep up with the changing technology.

The next major trend that will impact telecommunications is the explosion of connected devices. This internet of things, will add billions if not trillions of new connected data sources globally. Machine to machine communication along with advancements in AI will create a need for hosted data and storage.

Global growth of mobile connectivity is far outpacing hardline connectivity. This makes sense, as most growth is occurring in the developing world and amongst poorer populations. 

As custodians of the networks, carriers play a pivotal role in fighting the new threats that are emerging. Customers will begin to expect, more proactive protection from the entire internet value chain, and carriers will be expected to support these expectations with a range of technical and operational innovations. The desire for greater security may be a boom for carriers, if they embrace the need.

What is the biggest concern about your industry that a franchisee candidate should be aware of and investigate?

Industry competition.

Why do you think your company stands out in the industry?

We are carrier and vendor agnostic. We provide our customers with the right communication solutions for their needs, all from one company and all on one bill.  

What makes your franchise/ business opportunity more attractive than your competitor’s?

The AEON franchise is unique and is truly the only telecommunications franchise opportunity in the market. But if you were to compare AEON to another home based business, there are two competing factors that make AEON stand out, Support and Time to Market.  We support our franchisees every step of the way, from pre-to-post sale and customer support.  The time it takes to get your franchise up and running is far less than most franchises.

Describe the ideal candidate.  Do you think your requirements are any different than your competitor’s?

Although there may be a number of viable franchisee profiles, AEON Management believes that it should try to attract franchisees that meet the following criteria:

  • Strong sales and customer service abilities - Are you comfortable meeting new people and holding a conversation? We take most of the sales work out of the picture, but the franchisee still needs to make a connection with their client. They do not need to be an industry expert! With our Wow Box Technology, the background is not as important as it once was.  The Wow Box does all of the heavy lifting for the sales presentation.
  • Good with Timing and Schedule Management - The busy schedule of an AEON franchisee will keep the owner busy during the week. Each franchisee will need to be punctual to all WowBox meetings and keep on top of their schedule.
  • Problem Solver - A franchisee should be able to think on their feet and must be a proficient problem-solver.  They must be able to relate to clients, they must be able to negotiate, and they should not be abrasive or combative with any client.
  • High personal standards - Excellence, honesty, and integrity are critical for the franchisees to have. The customer is their number one priority, and servicing clients and delivering the services upon which AEON has built its reputation is very important.
  • Able to meet initial investment requirements - AEON franchisees should have about $65,900 in investment capital to account for working capital, start-up costs, marketing dollars and initial franchise fees to get their AEON off the ground. Financing is available through our third party partners. Do they need assistance with financing?

Ideal Candidates for AEON

  • Proficient Salespeople
  • Former Telecom / IT Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs/Investors
  • Families – Husband / Wife Teams who would like to start a business

What’s the strongest skill you require in a candidate?  

Strong communicating abilities is key for getting and keeping clients. We take most of the sales work out of the picture, but the franchisee still needs to make a connection with their client. 

Describe the working environment of your franchisees.  Is your environment typical of other companies in your industry?

We anticipate that our franchisees will manage from their home or from a small office setting.  The office must be located in their territory.

Why has your company been successful?

We have always done the right thing when it comes to our sales force and our customers.

What advice would you give someone interested in buying a franchise in your industry?  

The first thing you should know when you’re new to franchising is that not all franchises are created equal. Just like any other type of business, each one is unique – not only in terms of their pay structure but also in terms of the support they offer, their size, and their leadership to name just a few variables. For example:

Some franchises have a long, arduous training process and the time-to-start-up is substantial. At AEON, however, you could be signing your first customer and collecting your first check within just two weeks.

While some franchises have a long list of overhead costs, others do not. AEON offers a home-based franchise opportunity for motivated self-starters who want the flexibility and cost-savings that come with working from home.

With some franchises you’ll need to pay ongoing royalty fees. As an AEON franchisee, there are no royalties. Instead, you will earn a percentage of each sale and the possibility of residual income in perpetuity.

How much experience in this industry should a franchisee candidate have should they consider buying a franchise in your industry?

They do not need to be an industry expert! With our Wow Box Technology, the background is not as important as it once was.  The Wow Box does all of the heavy lifting for the sales presentation.

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