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Qa All About Kids Katie Thompson Director

How was your franchise/opportunity originally conceived and started?

Our franchise was started in 2008. Jim Kaiser co-founder owned 2 centers of his own. He decided it was such a great opportunity and both of his centers were doing so well he wanted to make the concept available to more people.

What was your original vision for your company? How has that changed over time?
The original vision for our company was to open 2 franchises a year. We were thinking small not really sure how this was all going to pan out. Over time we have really honed in on our process and become much more efficient. We feel that we are looking at having 25 new franchises in the next 5 years.

What do you believe is the single most important factor when choosing a franchise?
The single most important factor is looking at the strength of the brand you are contemplating investing in. Making sure if is a solid brand within a growing industry and with an evolving concept. Franchise must offer a franchisee the opportunity for a good ROI.

Why should someone choose your franchise over other similar franchises?
We have many unique qualities to our concept that many other childcare’s franchises do not. Our success begins with a solid foundation. All About Kids’ award-winning, sustainable state-of-the-art facilities provide a safe learning environment that enhances our exceptional learning experience. We operate many of the only LEED Certified Green childcare centers in the country, and our green practices reduce energy costs while helping students become good stewards of the environment. Each facility is equipped with WatchMeGrow, a security camera system that keeps families connected all day via the Web or mobile device. Families expect so much more from their childcare provider than simply supervision. Our education programs are designed to fit the individual needs of every child, from infants to school age. Our curriculum builds a strong foundation that is needed for future growth in all aspects of life. Our franchise fees are very competitive in our industry we offer the opportunity for multiple franchise locations.

What makes your industry attractive?
Child Care is the fastest growing service industry in the country. Learning Center based child care will continue to expand due to the number of parents who prefer a more formal setting for their children before they begin traditional schooling. Childcare is a top 10 category for future franchise growth, and with our proven formula of success, you can join our rapidly growing business, start your own adventure and take control of your financial future. The hours are convenient considering centers are not open on the weekends or evenings.

What types of qualities do you look for in potential franchisees?
We look for someone that has a good understanding of how to operate a business. Someone that is motivated to be successful.

What do your franchise fees and royalties cover?
The franchise fee covers the turn-key set up approach we use. The ongoing royalty fee allows the franchisee to use our logo and brand. It covers the use of our website and to all of our documents, curriculums, décor. We provide on going field support and leadership to our franchisees.

How do territories work for your franchisees?
Territories are determined per each location. They are set out in the FDD exhibit A once they have been established. The protective territory will be exclusive during the term of the franchise agreement.

Why has your franchise model been successful?
Our franchise model has been successful because we have a very stringent and effective site selection process. We make sure we set our franchisees up for success from the beginning by building our centers in locations that meet our demographics. Our unique floor plan, state-of-the-are facilities, security, and curriculum have made us leaders in the childcare industry. Our décor packages are child friendly and give a very warm welcome.

Where do you see your franchise in 5 years and 10 years?
We see our franchise expanding into Northern Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and West Virgina in the next 5 years. In ten years we see our franchise becoming more national.

What is your favorite advice for new franchisees to help them succeed?
Existing system we have developed.

What would you tell potential franchisees that may be nervous about the financial burdens of starting a franchise?
I would tell them we have perfected this model. That each year we grow and become a stronger brand and that we are here to assist them every step of the way. We truly like to be hands on with our franchisees assisting them with anything and everything. The majority of our existing franchisees have been financed through SBA loans. The SBA looks upon the childcare industry very favorably. Talking to our existing franchisees should give prospects assurance of the financial opportunity.

Can you explain your financial assistance (if applicable)?
We assist franchisees with creating a business plan and projections that they will need to give to the bank. We can help them to decide which route they would like to take whether it be conventional or SBA. We can get them in contact with some of the local banks we have done business with in the past.

On average, how long does it take to start a new franchise from the franchisees point of view?
From the time they sign their franchise agreement the normal time is 9 months to 1 year.

What was your background and experience before founding this franchise?
The founders of this franchise had experience in the mortgage business and the construction industry both residential and commercial.

Do you have any franchisee testimonials or success stories that you would like to share?
The success of our franchise shows by the pursuit of our existing franchisees for a second location. Please review our video.

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