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Earn $40 to $60 an Hour with Your Own Bookkeeping & Tax Practice

If you have an understanding of business and the desire to help small business owners in your community, we offer you the opportunity to own your own full or part time Accounting, Consulting, Payroll and Tax practice as an American Bookkeeping Systems Affiliate. You can choose to operate your practice from home, a traditional office suite or a retail location. Our quick start marketing program will help you acquire clients quickly.

The ABS Systems Affiliate program was designed to be the Affordable Alternative for Accountants and Tax Professionals who do not want the long term commitments and costs required by Franchisors. Since we are not a royalty driven company you only pay for what you need! With this approach you receive basically the same materials, training and support as a franchise, without the contractual restrictions, expensive franchise fees and increasing royalties. ABS is the most affordable and flexible program offered in the accounting and tax industry.

No Royalties
We have always believed that you shouldn't be penalized for your hard work. Having to pay more money in royalties or other fees as your business grows through your hard work isn't right, but franchises charge such fees, even while your needs for their support decreases!

With our program your monthly support and software update fees are set at $150 a month and actually decrease the second year. We know from experience that after the first year your support needs will decrease dramatically!

Starting Your Practice
Starting a practice by yourself could be the most expensive mistake you will ever make. We have the one thing money can't buy and that is our 18 years of experience. By utilizing the systems we have developed you will not repeat the same mistakes many have made before you. Learn exactly what you need to provide your clients and how to keep your practice organized and profitable. If you are interested in providing payroll services you better know how to make your services efficient and profitable.

Nowadays, if you want to own an Accounting & Tax Practice your options are very limited. The required working capital to either purchase an existing practice or a franchise has discouraged a lot of talented people. Now, with our system you can start or expand your own practice for less than the price of a used car.

How Will You Get Clients?

Our marketing system was developed by going on thousands of appointments and critiquing our results when we built the model practice. You will learn how to get qualified appointments, how to make your presentation and close the sale. Our quick start Marketing Program is designed to help you get new clients quickly and start earning while you are learning.

Most accountants have never had any formal training in marketing. Those who were successful usually learned to market their services through trial and error, a very painful and expensive experience. You will spend considerably more money trying to "reinvent the wheel" than what our complete program costs. If you acquire just three clients using our marketing systems you will have recouped the cost by adding equity to your practice. The ABS training program provides its new Affiliates with a proven, simple, step-by-step marketing plan, all designed to help you grow your business.

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