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Owning one or more ATM's can be a very profitable business as the owner of the machines retains most of the transaction fees!

ATM Business Opportunity Information:

Owning ATM's can be a very profitable business.

Owning ATM's can be a very profitable business for the owner.

Since private ATM machines gained legal status in 1995, their numbers, their market share and their profits have been growing rapidly. It is a known fact that ATM users pay much more attention to the convenience of the machines than the cost of using them. Owning one or more ATM's can be a very profitable business as the owner of the machines retains most of the transaction fees!

Privately-owned ATM's process billions of dollars worth of business in cash transactions yearly and collect tens of millions of dollars in fees for doing so. Further, if you operate a business which relies to any extent on "impulse buying", or your client's access to ready cash, you can profit in both increased sales and from your share of the transaction fees.

Since banks are often reluctant to place their terminals in sites like convenience stores, bars or night clubs, owners of these premises can make ATM's available to their clients by owning them or renting out the retail space to accommodate their installation.

As an ATMBusiness licensee you will have an opportunity to enter this field under the guidance of a well-known, reputable company and will earn immediate income as you operate your own network of ATM machines.

A complete turnkey package is available from $29,500.00. This includes 2 ATM machines, installation on income producing locations, a complete training program, 24/7 support, network connections, service and maintenance contracts and everything you need to generate a significant income.

ATMBusiness employs a carefully developed strategy to establish your exclusive location based on information drawn from our most successful centers.

Population density, traffic patterns, market statistics, demographics, proximity to commercial and retail centers and other key factors are all carefully evaluated.

ATMBusiness will also provide training that will help you to set up a standard accounting system to stay on top of your business. Our network allows you to monitor each machine's activity over the Internet 24 hours a day so you can make sure no machine is out of order or out of funds.

As an ATMBusiness licensee, your success is our success!

We will provide you with the most advanced, user friendly ATM machines available and will work with you to promote your business so you can achieve the success you deserve. As an ATMBusiness licensee your success is our success!

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