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Babies 'N' Bells Custom Printing Franchise Information:

Babies 'N' Bells uses state-of-the-art computer printing systems and proprietary design elements to produce customized announcements and invitations for all occasions. Our core business is birth announcements, for which we offer more than a thousand designs.

Our franchisees receive certification to conduct business only after completing an intensive five-day training and development seminar that prepares them to operate their business based on Babies 'N' Bells standards. To help maintain consistency among the franchisees, ongoing support from the corporate office is always available.

How We Got Started
Ms. Craft, Babies 'N' Bells' founder, who formerly handled marketing and advertising for Pizza Hut and Pizza Inn, began her business after the birth of her daughter upon realizing that she was missing the critical growth years for her child. Commenting on the business, Ms Craft said, "I worked for years and have hired top notch talent in developing a business that would let me combine my personal goals and career objectives. Recently, when the technology became affordable, I knew we had a winning combination. We want our franchisees to keep a balance in their lives and stay close to their family while working at home on something artistic which is financially rewarding as well".

Why Us
In the past ten years, Babies 'N' Bells has set the standard for the custom-printing industry by establishing a business model and business practices that effectively market our product as a nationwide franchise. Babies 'N' Bells offers franchise opportunities that provide:
  • Access to thousands of designs for all occasions without minimums
  • Reasonable prices far more economical than local high-end print shops
  • Simple, one-price structure for all of our services
  • Industry-leading 48-hour turnaround time for in-stock items
  • State-of-the-art software and programming that matches a precise color to a precise design
  • Established relationships with more than 80 paper manufacturers
  • Personal assistance to the customer, allowing us to customize our selection based on the geographical area and clientele
  • 24-page full color catalogs used as our most effective marketing tool as well as holiday postcards and other marketing pieces.
  • Central printing options that allow our franchisees to be flexible with their time
  • An amazing support system consisting of both franchisees and the corporate office
  • Raised letter printing (thermography) at our own facility
  • Printing facility with inventory and specialized equipment working for you
  • Exclusive designs by six artists, including Anne Geddes, making a selection second to none
  • Business alliance with the largest baby store chain in the country

A Growing Franchise With Creative Non-traditional Location Options
We are proud to share that many of our franchise agreements have been signed merely as a result of referrals from people who have recently joined the system or very happy customers. At Babies 'N' Bells, we want to control our growth but it is very exciting to offer a way that a household may supplement its income without a sizable investment.

One of Babies 'N' Bells' greatest strengths is that franchisees can afford to provide personal service and customized announcements without the need to invest in a retail location. Instead of opening a traditional store, many Babies 'N' Bells' franchisees have utilized the Company's proprietary display stand and high quality presentation albums inside Babies R Us and other major retailers through the profit sharing plan which large chains have found to be very attractive. This, combined with the recent development of the new and improved Babies 'N' Bells web page which permits customers to select and order from a large range of personalized announcements, allows the franchisees to source a national market and share in the Company's prosperity.

Our business plan is structured for an aggressive, yet controlled, growth to achieve our goal of being the national provider for all custom printing needs.

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