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What Does a Beauty Full Days Franchise Cost?

Total Investment:$59,990

Beauty Full Days Franchise Information:



The Beauty Full Days franchise program was designed to enable prospective franchisees without any license to get in a low cost franchise concept that is revolutionizing the beauty industry!

If you're looking for a low investment opportunity and a Beauty Full franchise where everybody enjoy working with serious potential, own a Beauty Full Days now! When you become a Beauty Full Days franchise owner, you are joining the team that pioneered membership-based beauty services.

BEAUTY FULL DAYS is a day spa franchise development company led by the former president and franchise-builder of the GROUPE FL FINANCE in different markets in all over the world ( USA – EUROPE – ASIA) with almost 300 locations, Frantz Lallement.

Beauty Full Days, Unlimited beauty services, reveals the most powerful and unique low cost franchise concept in the beauty industry for an investment of only $59,990*.

Everybody knows how the most successful low cost 30 minutes workout exercises gym franchises work: Low investment for the franchisee and a Monthly membership with an unlimited access everyday for the customer.

Now just imagine the same successful business model but in the most important industry in US for women: The Beauty

A place where women have the ability to transform whenever they want, weakness can turn into strength, power and trust just by receiving unlimited beauty services everyday just by paying a unique monthly membership:

Beauty Full Days provide 4 different beauty services:
  • Waxing with our unique high quality calming wax from Europe
  • Manicure with our unique French procedure for a fast and high quality manicure
  • Pedicure with the most efficient French procedures in the most comfortable and amazing colorful chairs
  • Facials with the all new innovative French brand Frantz Lallement cosmetics from France exclusively for Beauty Full Days in US.

If your client chooses an unlimited membership with 1 service, she will pay a $59 monthly fee, for 2 services $89, for 3 services $109 and 4 services $ 129. Your goal is to have in your Beauty Full Days store only 300 members.

Now the question is how much you or your wife will pay for just 1 time and for 1 of these services?

No one can compete with Beauty Full Days! This is why our stores are so busy! To do that, we have a unique and innovative know-how from the most advanced, efficient and high quality beauty techniques from FRANCE.


Our business model is by far the most advanced and efficient Day Spa concept. As the leader in what is arguably the most competitive and professional beauty market in the world we bring an array of solutions and advantages that are yet unheard of in the US market.

In addition to a wide array of services, Beauty Full Days owns a brand of professional cosmetic products (Frantz Lallement Paris) directly imported from France that are available in high quality retail packaging for clients that wish to extend the effects of the treatments they receive.

This daily maintenance allows increased results for the clients and capitalizes on each service provided which translates into higher margins and less payroll. By attending more clients in less time and keeping margins high, Beauty Full Days can effectively undercut any competitor's prices and still deliver the best care and products.

Effectiveness, quality and speed in a beautiful setting are only possible with years of experience and research. Carefully studied to be built with a minimal initial investment from $59,990* to maximize return, Beauty Full Days is far ahead of any concept in existence in the industry.

Be assured that once you've purchased a franchise through us, our professionals will help you every step of the way toward securing your vision of success. You now have an unprecedented opportunity.

Fill out the form below to get started on your way to owning your dream company and living the dream of being your own boss.

If your interest in the Beauty Full Days Franchise is more than casual, call now! And receive an express appointment to discover our unique and successful low cost concept.

I appreciate your interest and look forward to speaking with you soon.

*Without construction cost, computer system, permits and office supplies: Avg cost $ 24,500

Please note this opportunity is only offered in the U.S.
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