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Benefit Markets grocery market and low carb stores offer a unique opportunity in the Canadian food and nutritional franchising industry. We offer

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Franchises Available in Canada Only!

Healthy Food for Healthy Lifestyles

Benefit Markets is Vancouver's first delicatessen and grocery market dedicated exclusively to low-carb nutrition and lifestyle. We feature a range of low-carb and sugar-free products--brands like Atkins and Carbo-Lite, including local ones like Yves and The Low-Carb Baker. There are also many items the local marketplace has never seen!

Our European style deli offers low-carb breakfast, lunch, and dinner items, and ready-to-eat meal solutions for busy active people on the go. You'll also find goat cheeses, Spanish Manchego, as well as all the classic varieties that no proper deli can do without. Eat in at a cozy seating area, or grab a ready-to-go picnic for the beach or home.

For snacks there are a variety of reduced carb tortilla chips and soy based snacks. And we have fresh cappuccinos and lattes, and refreshing sugar-free sodas, extra thick low-carb shakes and delicious soft serve.

Life is Worth Living Healthy

After the founder's spouse lost 46 pounds living the low carb lifestyle, Steve gave it a go and lost 25 pounds himself. He has been a 'convert' ever since. Not only does he feel great, but his attitude, energy level and outlook on life has improved immensely.

Steve figured that if he could adapt to the low carb lifestyle, anybody could, so he set out to build a business that would afford the public the opportunity to enjoy the same benefits he has, while still enjoying food.

Benefit Visions Incorporated

Our company goal is to have a Benefit Market in every city in Canada.

Benefit Visions Incorporated will grant franchises, train, advise, and assist franchisees in the establishment and operation of retail stores specializing in low carbohydrate foods and products.

The franchisor's primary focus will be education, market planning, training, advertising, consulting, and coordination for its franchisees.

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