Bennigan's Grill & Tavern

Bennigan's offers crowd-pleasing food combining longtime favorites with innovative new American fare selections, a bountiful selection of ice cold beers, specialty drinks and wines.

About Us

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Bennigan's was established in Atlanta, Georgia in 1976 by Norman Brinker, a legend among restaurateurs. Thirty-six years later, Bennigan's is still the iconic brand loved by all and is re-establishing itself as the leader in casual dining. Committed to the welcoming, friendly and festive spirit of Irish Hospitality, Bennigan's offers more generous pours and portions and goes above and beyond the call of duty to deliver Legendary experiences to every guest, every meal, every day.

In 2011, Bennigan's began a Legendary comeback by re-energizing the beloved brand with a commitment to bring memorable dining experiences to every guest, every day. This remarkable resurgence began with a brand refresh at the company's two corporate locations and a plan to bring the same menu optimization and service enhancements to current and future franchise partners.

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The mission at Bennigan's is to deliver exceptional service to every guest, every meal, every day. In order to deliver this service, we must remember to focus on those essential elements that will allow us to provide quality service with a bit of Irish hospitality on the side. The Green Team at Bennigan's has gained greater empathy for our franchisees and guests and strives to make their Bennigan's experience Legendary. Creating our Legendary perception is key to bringing guests back for more. We embrace and honor our 36 years of heritage. By establishing a warm, friendly atmosphere, we ensure that all that come to Bennigan's will leave with a lifetime emotional connection to our brand.

Training and Support

Management Training: Bennigan's, or a designated third party, will provide training to you and your restaurant team. Your management team will be required to complete a 6 to 8 week training program based on prior experience. Onsite training will be provided to entire team before restaurant opening. All parties must successfully complete the training to the satisfaction of the Bennigan's Operations/Training team prior to opening your restaurant.

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Grand Opening Support: For the pre-opening of your first Bennigan's, members of our Operations and Marketing Teams will assist you from 45 days prior to your Grand Opening.

On-Going Training: We believe great training equals lower turnover and stronger guest retention. Therefore, we provide continued support to team members. Bennigan's University, our online learning module, helps drive the retention of both staff and guests.

Marketing Support: Our goal is to help you successfully market your brand. We put a marketing calendar in place to help drive sales, increase check average and guest count. Marketing tools provided include: Intranet, Email Marketing, Social Media Support, New Photography, Pipeline Items/Menu Development.

Why Choose Bennigan's?

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Bennigan's now features one of the most economical casual dining opportunities available today. With a low cost of entry and a value-engineered proposition maximizing return on investment, Bennigan's is well positioned to recruit new franchisees and support them in ways where other franchisors are limited.

  • Franchise fee ranges from $35,000
  • Roughly $1 million total investment
  • Onsite training provided
  • Restaurant conversions permitted
  • Creative Services/Bennigan's Marketing Service Center


Bennigan's Grill & Tavern is currently accepting inquiries from the following states:

Interested parties should have at least $250,000 in liquid capital to invest.