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What Does a Beverage Plus Franchise Cost?

Cash Required:$40,000
Net Worth Required:$75,000
Total Investment:$44,000

Additional Details

Franchise fee is $ 9,999...Now Zero for a limited time only!
Advertisement fund royalty fee is 3%.

Beverage Plus Franchise Information:
News about the MC2 Energy Drink/NPPL Dodge Race Car # 81

Appearing in the NASCAR Nationwide Series: "MacDonald Motorsports is proud to announce that Beverage Plus, a Nevada Corporation based in Las Vegas has joined the organization in sponsorship. MC2 Energy Drink will be displayed on the trunk lid of the MacDonald Motorsports #81 entry driven by DJ Kennington this weekend in the Sam's Town 300 race in Las Vegas, Nevada."

"We are really pumped to have MC2 Energy Drink join our program this year", stated driver DJ Kennington. "With a product like MC2 , our team can have enough energy to go that extra mile."

The Beverage Plus sponsorship also provides for the MC2 Energy Drink, a primary sponsor, to be prominently displayed on the front hood of the vehicle as well as on the left and right side rear-quarter panels at and at NASCAR Corona 200 race at Mexico City, MX on April 20, 2008 and at the Darlington Raceway Diamond Hill Plywood 200 race in Darlington, South Carolina on May 9, 2008.

Beverage Plus Inc. holds the exclusive license to distribute mc2 and 38 other beverages worldwide and offers an unprecedented opportunity to increase your income by owning a distributorship in one of the fastest growing market segments. The energy drink market is still in its infancy and has huge growth potential. Annual sales of energy drinks are estimated at $5 Billion in the United States and $22 Billion world-wide. The mc2 energy drink is a premium energy drink.

Our management has over 40 years experience in distributing food and beverage products and merchandise. The mc2 energy drink is a proven beverage that provides a steady stream of revenue to distributors through consignment and cash sales to retail stores. As a mc2 energy drink distributor, you have the opportunity to offer consumers this unique energy drink through a variety of retail locations such as convenience food marts, nightclubs, mom & pop grocery stores, gourmet foods stores, coffee shops, spa's, restaurants, health clubs and many more. Beverage Plus distributors are expected to earn significant revenue through the distribution of our products on sales based on consignment, cash or credit sales to these various retailers. We provide you with tools needed to begin a new venture and encourage your success to achieve a maximum return on your investment. Our distributorship program is well suited for people who want the freedom to work your own hours and to own an exclusive Beverage Plus licensed territory.

"As a Holistic Health Professional, martial artist and road cyclist, I've grown to depend on the numerous benefits achieved by making the mc2 energy drink part of my daily regiment. While on group rides with cyclists I train, we have discovered that mixing mc2 with water boosts the level of energy to promote longer, more intense workouts.

With patients in my clinical practice, I often times include mc2 along with a protocol of natural supplements to be used when beginning a prescribed exercise program. I really enjoy the taste of this drink. mc2 is much more palatable then other so called energy drinks that are being touted out there. This beverage also contains Vitamin B6, B12 and Niacin, which have enormous well documented benefits. It is low on sodium and that of course is a plus for those who have blood pressure issues.

I highly recommend this mc2 energy drink as part of a balanced program of exercise, diet and supplementation. I consistently maintain a few dozen of cans of mc2 in my office for my friends and clients to sample.

Every day my patients express their positive testimonials on this product. Along with my holistic health programs, my intent is to improve their health and to create a more vigorous ill-free life. Thank you to all the people at mc2 for such a magnificent, delicious product; thereby helping people achieve their particular health goals. mc2 is a winner!!!"

Doctor Otto Altobelli , Ph.D, N.M.T.
Doctor of Holistic Health

The profit margins for our distributors are generous. We deliver the product directly to you from the manufacturer; thereby making the distributor the wholesaler. As a result, our distributors earn higher profit margins while simultaneously maintaining competitive retail pricing.

We offer you a unique opportunity to significantly increase your income with the chance to get in on one of the fastest growing businesses in your community. We provide a turn key operation to get you started in this prosperous and flourishing beverage business. We supply the products, initial on-site training at your location, operations manuals and marketing material. You supply the desire to grow your own business and earn significant profits!

Benefits Include:
  • Work full or part time
  • Low Franchise fee $9,999 (Now Zero - waived for a limited time)
  • Reduced Royalty Fee 5% (in many instances – waived or reduced)
  • Low Advertisement Fund Royalty: 3%
  • Start from your home
  • Limited storage space required
  • Comprehensive initial on-site training program
  • Significant profit margins are expected
  • Positive cash flow in a reasonably short time
Cash Requirements: $44,000
Investment Range: $44,000 + based on size of territory
Business Type: Franchise

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Submitting a request means you are interested in investing at least US$45,000 into your own distributorship business.

Distributorships are available for sale in all U.S. states in which our offering disclosure document is registered or otherwise effective. Ronald Serota, Attorney.

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