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It’s no secret that moving is stressful. Bin-It saves hours of strain and frustration. We show up with stackable plastic bins, ready with labels for easy labeling. Our clients pack them up, swiftly close the attached lids, load them into their vehicle, and drive away. When they're finished unpacking, they call or text us to come pick up the bins. All done!

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What Does a Bin It Franchise Cost?

To buy a franchise with Bin It, you'll need to have at least $40,000 in liquid capital. Franchisees can expect to make a total investment of $65,650 - $153,200. They also offer financing via 3rd party. *

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Financial requirements for this franchise:
Liquid Capital:$40,000
What does Liquid Capital mean?
Total Investment:$65,650 - $153,200
What does Total Investment mean?


Options available to Franchisees:
Financing:Via 3rd party

Franchisor Details

Facts about this Franchise:
Total Units:2
Home Office: Jersey City, NJ
Year Founded:2011

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Bin It Makes Packing And Storage During A Move Easier Than Ever Before

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Are you planning on moving in the near future but aren’t sure where to get enough boxes to hold your stuff? Do you have too much stuff in your home and want to put it in a storage unit but don’t have a storage unit, boxes, or car so everything continues to pile up around the house? All of that is solved with Bin It, a creative new service that gives you the moving boxes you need. Whether you need moving boxes to pack up your things to move into a new home or you need safe, secure storage for the clutter around your house, Bin It’s bins and unique service has you covered.

What Exactly Is Bin It?

Bin It is a unique bin and moving box service that offers two unique, but highly compatible, services to the New York City, Philadelphia, and Nashville areas. With Bin It, you simply order temporary bins and they are delivered in a convenient stack to your home. The moving boxes from Bin It are made out of sturdy, durable plastic that can store all of your things, from clothes and shoes to toys, makeup, kitchen appliances, dinnerware, and everything in between. When you move into your new space and unpack, Bin It will pick up all the empty bins from your home so you are box and clutter free.

Bin It 01

Say Goodbye To Cardboard Boxes

One of the biggest problems with moving is having enough storage to fit all of your items. Some people opt for cardboard boxes which means you have to deal with the hassles of unfolding all the boxes, taping the ends, and then try to get the flimsy cardboard to hold up under the weight of your stuff. With Bin It boxes you can have as many boxes as you need. Designed for easy moving, the lids snap on and can be zip-tied down in seconds and labels are provided so you can keep everything organized. That means no more tape, scissors, or cardboard. Another benefit Bin It moving boxes have over cardboard is that they are sanitized between every use, something you can’t say about the cardboard boxes (which can hold bedbugs) you pick up behind a warehouse dumpster.

No More Packaging Clutter

If you have ever moved before, you already know how unorganized things can get and how much clutter simply goes everywhere making it impossible to pack up efficiently. Bin It bins are all designed to be the exact same size which means they are easy to pack into moving vans or your car, they are perfectly stackable. Instead of your home being full of giant boxes scattered around the house half-filled and unlabeled, your Bin It boxes sit conveniently in the corner ready for you to grab one, fill it, and move on to the next box. Once you have moved into your new home, you’re not stuck with 50 cardboard boxes of various shapes and sizes, either. With a single phone call, you will have someone from the Bin It team at your door to take all of your bins which leaves your new home box free.

Convenient, Organized Storage

Bin It 05No matter how big or small your home or apartment is, it never seems to hold as much stuff as you own. During the summer, winter clothes, jackets, and huge blankets take up all of your closet space and all of your old books that you never read collect dust in a corner somewhere. In addition to providing quality moving boxes for your move, Bin It can also store your excess stuff in a secure facility so it stays safe and out of your way. Just like with moving, someone will deliver your stack of bins and you can fill them up any way you would like. Once you have everything packed and labeled, someone from Bin It will take your bins to the secure Bin It storage facility where they will sit in comfort under 24-hour surveillance. When you need your things back (like when it’s finally time for that beautiful coat you bought on sale in May but was too hot to wear) the Bin It team will bring back your boxes. Get Organized With Your Move Or Storage Today Ditch the cardboard, tape, scissors, and mess and start packing your things up with Bin It moving bins today. Quick, effective, and sturdy, Bin It boxes makes organizing during your move easier than ever before. Have too much stuff and it won’t fit in your new home? Don’t throw it away or try to force it into your closet; let Bin It keep
your extra stuff in our secure facility where it will remain safely packed in Bin It bins.

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Bin It is currently accepting inquiries from the following states:

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Washington, D.C., West Virginia, Wyoming

Interested parties should have at least $40,000 in liquid capital to invest.

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* This information may have changed since first published. We recommend that you always verify fees, investment amounts, and offers with the business opportunity directly prior to making a decision to invest.