BizCard Xpress

Franchisor Details

Incorporated Name:BizCard Xpress, LLC
Subsector:General Printing Services
Total Units:49
Year Founded:1985
Franchising Since:2010
Home Office: Flagler Beach, FL

About Us

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Offering Custom Designed Business Cards in 1 Hour or less was an outcropping of our Super Fast Service concept which began in 1985, saving Time and Money for our many satisfied customers, and eventually prompting us to offer franchises in late 2009, to spread this great convenience more rapidly across the United States.

From Copies to Brochures, Banners and Signs; BizCard Xpress offers every conceivable item for promoting your customer's business, event, personal product or invention, with over 800,000 promotional items and every conceivable form of printing, sign, decal, or T-shirt. Our philosophy is simple, we treat our customers with respect, like family, and always ready to help.

The Top 5 Reasons to Own a BizCard Xpress

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  1. A Clear Value Proposition: this is the single most important feature for the success of any business. An exciting opportunity to have fun and prosper financially and personally. The comprehensive package is so complete, that when we give you the keys to Your New Store, you will have absolutely EVERYTHING YOU NEED.
  2. Training, Education and Support: Designed to bring you up to speed with the most successful methods to run your business on all levels, field tested to guide you every step of the way. Our methods have been proven throughout the middle of the worst recession in history.
  3. Marketing Assistance and Guidance: We guide you with proven strategies for the development of your territory with ongoing efforts to market your business effectively.
  4. Lifetime Operational Support: Our staff is dedicated to providing ongoing assistance to you so you are never alone.
  5. Healthy Return on Investment: The investment in an BizCard Xpress Franchise is very affordable in view of the fact that you actually will have two collaborative business models operating a single powerhouse of a business, Printing and Sign Making.

The Return on Investment of the present stores has shown great promise regardless of the poor economy, and if YOU qualify, and are willing to make the commitment; we will do everything in our power to help you succeed, so just click on the Franchise Qualification Form underlined below, and let's get started together to build a better tomorrow.

Our company may begin granting franchises in 37 non-registration states upon completion of the documents. Our representatives will explain all the details and answer your questions and we welcome your comments.

People just love coming into our stores for all types of personal and business projects, that alone will give you the personal satisfaction every time you get to help them.

Ideal Candidate

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The Fastest Printer on the Planet is looking to expand throughout the United States through area developers and individual store owners. A potential franchisee should meet the minimum financial requirements of 50K in lquid capital for one store. Multiple store and area developer agreeements requires a larger investment. Our candidates should have superior customer service skills, a good personality, be familiar with Microsoft Windows and have a willingness to learn and follow our system.

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Request Information
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BizCard Xpress is currently accepting inquiries from the following states: Ohio, Michigan, Florida.

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