Caboodle Cartridge

What Does a Caboodle Cartridge Franchise Cost?

Cash Required:$60,000
Total Investment:$90,000 - $150,000

Caboodle Cartridge Franchise Information:

Better Opportunity

Inkjet and printer cartridges are a $30 Billion industry in the United States. Nearly 90% of the cartridges sold in the U.S. come from the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) like HP, Canon, Epson and Lexmark. These cartridges are very expensive, sometimes costing as much, or more, than the printer itself! Why are these people willing to spend so much? The answer is simple: until Caboodle Cartridge® came along, the only way to get consistently high quality cartridges was to buy new OEMs. Now, Caboodle fills the gap between overpriced OEM cartridges and low end, poor quality cartridges. Our extremely high quality remanufactured cartridge products sell at a much lower retail price point. The market implications are huge.

Better Quality

Caboodle has a deep understanding of the printer cartridge industry, and offers over 500 different remanufacture cartridges, using the best inks and toners. Each Caboodle Cartridge® is thoroughly inspected, flushed, cleaned, rebuilt as needed, filled and tested for quality and reliability. Like OEM's, we use only the highest quality components, inks and toners. To ensure consistency, we process large quantities of the same cartridges simultaneously, as in an OEM plant.

We have taken great care to select only the best cartridge remanufacturing vendors to represent Caboodle. They must meet Caboodle's Standards of Excellence and Performance. The result is a cartridge you can sell with pride!

Better System

Because you don't have to worry about refilling cartridges, you can focus on building your successful business through marketing and outside sales. You can have a smaller store with just one or two employees. You can server your customers without making them wait. Follow our step-by-step marketing training program, and it will guide you from pre-opening through your first year of operation, as you develop both end user and commercial customers. And you can respond to commercial customers no matter how large or demanding they might be.

It would help if you have some experience running you own business, but we will teach you everything you need to know and will help you set up your Caboodle Cartridge® Store.

Better for the Environment

Remanufacturing cartridges not only saves customers money by refilling their empties, but also helps to protect the environment. 375 million gallons of oil are consumed every year worldwide to produce new printer cartridge. Each laser cartridge requires over 3 quarts of oil to make. Discarding cartridges can be as debilitating to the environment as producing them. Worldwide, eighteen printer cartridges are discarded every second of every day. It can take cartridges up to 1000 years to biodegrade.

Offering Master Franchises in the following territories: NY, PA, DE, NJ, WV, VA, DC, MA, MI, LA, AL, AR, MA, NA, IA, IL, OK, AK, and MS

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